Simple Energy Shifts To Expand Your Success… Joyfully!

Oct 9, 2021 | Creativity, Prosperity


There’s something that switches on inside of me when I know it’s time for a new level of creativity, action, connection, expansion— and it’s definitely not thoughts of working all day and night until I’m falling over!

That was the old me that could not manage to expand. Burned out. Saying “Yes” to everything. Working harder than I physically could manage through sheer will and a self-damnation that burned bright.

If you feel that way, and you’re frustrated about the lack of reward for all you’ve sent out into the Universe, I understand. And, I promise, you can get to a place where you barely even remember this entire cycle.

Now, when I feel a switch turn on inside of me it’s a call to set some new goals that are dreamy (not scary in a punishing way), shed some more emotional/mental/actually baggage and feel better every day. From there, the path unfolds!

Let’s talk about a few ways to prepare for abundant times ahead that are joyful as well as prosperous!

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Feeling good is the point. Let’s start there.

If you feel that “success” and “feeling good” are not friendly terms– let’s break that down a bit.

If you aren’t enjoying the journey, at what point– at what destination– will you feel joy? Because when you’re in the habit of “it’s not enough” and perpetual dissatisfaction, chances are that destination will be hard to reach.

Don’t get me wrong– we’ll likely always want more. Wanting more keeps life interesting.

But, without joy right now, not only is everything devoid of pleasure– it’s devoid of your best energy.

That classic idea of making “gratitude lists” and being “grateful for what you have” isn’t just a practice to do for ten minutes a day. It’s something you can lean into all the time, every day.

Sometimes I am so overcome by gratitude now that I can’t imagine how I could have ever been so dissatisfied. But, it was a habit and something I learned and drilled daily.

Practice gratitude all day long– smiling, saying thank you, sending notes of encouragement to others, declaring it, noticing all you have, high-fiving yourself in the mirror as Mel Robbin’s new book suggests— all of it! Whatever resonates. It will ultimately crowd out the dissatisfaction. It will start to shift your perspective.

Joy also makes things easier, and more gratitude brings more joy.

Say goodbye to regret. I’ve noticed that the less I let myself stew in what “might have been” the more I see the infinity of possibilities right now. Forgiveness goes a long way in creating space for you to move freely and shine in life.

Fill your home with simple energy boosts and easy shifts that reflect you at your most joyful and abundant.

Here are lots of ideas:

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Aim to live more fully in your body and all your energy, not in your mind! To end overthinking and become more intuitive and engaged, these ideas can help–

Less screen time can be excellent to reduce data overload.

More physical exercise can help you to feel more spacious and flowing.

Resting enough — including days off, total downtime, unplugging– can be a key to more fully-embodied creativity.

And, if you want to really prepare for a new level of joyful abundance, practice brining more of your best energy to situations in front of you.

When you bring joy, it does boomerang back in so many ways.

The key here is to cheer yourself on and celebrate every step forward. They’ll become giant leaps faster than you realize!



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