7 Prosperous Ways To Start Getting Ready For A New Year in Advance!

Oct 21, 2021 | Creativity

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Wait…. the year is not over yet!

It’s true. There are 9 full weeks left in the year as I type this– and even if there’s less than one full week I think it’s worth exploring this idea of getting set up for a truly new chapter full of even more love, fulfillment, wellness and wealth.

And, in my case, half a home makeover that might just be completely life changing.

Before we go any further, take a look at how far you’ve come this year.

Go over everything this year –every major triumph, every win, big and small, and, most importantly, every bit of your personal growth.

Notice how you’ve grown and changed. Notice the creative and personal risks you’ve taken. Notice how your priorities have shifted.

This is what’s worth focusing on as you start dreaming into the New Year.

Do you have some unfinished work projects to wrap up before the year ends?

Now is the time to deep focus on getting them done.

I have two— one that requires little effort to begin and one that requires me getting into gear in a huge ways.

By the end of the day I’ll have my checklist together of every single thing I need to get this bigger project up and running. There is simply no way I am entering into a New Year without it done, and I can’t wait to share it with you!

There’s nothing like a lot of looming deadlines to kick into very high gear!

Do you have unfinished home projects? Yes— it’s time to get those rolling, too!

There are two major projects– moving light fixtures on the walls (need the handyman’s help here– and painting everything in two shades of beige pink and a stunning shimmery barely beige.

The rest you’ll find above– including new lounger, a colossal rug, a few lovely pillows and those fresh light fixtures to feel fully “at home” in my home.

Gather up inspiration boards for all the things–  for your home projects, any creative projects, things you want to make or do… 

Some visual inspiration is incredibly clarifying.

I make these little round-ups of images and then… boom… I can suddenly get things done!

The next list I made was all the learning. I want to bring into the New Year.

If you’re anything like me you have a pile of unread books, unfinished classes and all kinds of new things you want to learn immediately. So, open up to more learning!

I listed out my “unfinished learning projects” and counted 7 big things to finish. And, I presently have an entire cart full of books on Amazon.

So, to make room for the new, it’s time for major learning! I’ll be pouring through one big book on that list by the end of the weekend because I am REALLY ready to learn everything inside of it and put it to use— immediately!

Do you have your own learning list? Gather up the books, stuff, and start now!

How’s about self-care— are there things you’ve been meaning to do that you decided that you’d get to one day?

In the midst of action, bustling, so much to do, it’s important to rest as much as it is to be in motion. And, self-care is multi-dimentional rest.

You may want to give yourself the holiday gift of non-negotiable self care– whether it’s meditation, reading library books, starting a new workout that’s fun, sleeping more— and keep up with that simply because it is totally awesome.

I rarely (just about never) meet people who are achieving their financial dreams, their creative dreams and living all their dreams while putting self-care on the back-burner. This is a part of success!

Now… please celebrate. A lot. Every day.

Celebration can be taking more time to hang with friends, it can be making a special drink with dinner, it can be a night out partying or a night in baking cookies— but, the key is to revel in the greatness of the moment.

This is the energy that is incredibly abundant!!!



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