5 Ways To Level Up Your Home And Life With More Ease!

Nov 9, 2021 | Uncategorized

level up your life

How excited are you to level up your life in some– or many– ways?!

If you’re passionate about growth, you know that it can be such a thrill when you’re reaching a new level of ease with a skill, a new level of mastery of a process, a new universe in creativity or a whole new caliber of abundance.

Sometimes you can feel it before you see it manifest in the physical universe– the excitement building, your endless motivation, the thrill of momentum that carries you forward and all the rest starts flowing like a constant stream of fresh water.

But, to bring things to fruition– to actually manifest the physical things you’re after– there can be shifts to make before you level up your life.

You might need to adjust the way you work, move, think or react in order to have this new excellence unfold and become a part of everyday experience.  

In Feng Shui, your outside world mirrors your inner growth, and vice versa. When we shift our energy, life shifts around us. When our space shifts, life does, too.

To embrace change fully, there are some strategies to move into a whole new level of life more seamlessly, and today I wanted to talk about a few big ones.

If you’re ready to level up, it’s time to get started!

First, we all need space to grow and if you’re looking to be more productive, to have a life richer in experience and more full of joy, letting things go is the essential beginning.

1.Clearing things out that are not part of the next level.

Today, I’m doing a big closet clean out and stocking up bins of summer clothes so that I can fully utilize my fall and winter wardrobe. I’m also letting go of old books I don’t need or want. This process has been going on for two months now, as I’ve been combing through everything I own and paring things down to the basics.

That’s just the start though.

Letting things go can happen on every level as you declutter your whole life– emotionally, energetically, physically, digitally– and, it’s all so freeing.

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2.Adapting on a gradient to a new flow.

This is a big deal, for all of you who are change-lovers. Makeovers– even the glamorous ones we see on reality shows– are not instant. There’s a gradient of change to make and sustain.

I don’t know about you, but I have failed many times to instantly start waking up at 5am when I usually wake up at 7:30am. It’s like my whole day becomes a dragging and exhausted mess. That said, gradually, by adjusting the times I go to sleep and then starting to wake up a bit earlier and then a little bit earlier… I have had great success.

Same goes for all things. Zero to 100 is not usually a sustainable change. Let it build. Cultivate patience. Enjoy the progress. You’ll be shocked at the long-term change that’s possible when you move step-by-step instead of full on into totally new habits.

3.Being cool with the old stuff popping up from time to time.

Yep. Old stuff.

I’m really masterful at handling things that pop up unexpectedly, but I’m not immune to the occasional freak out.

My life was once full of freaking out. I would be hysterical if plans got shifted, if things didn’t go exactly as I envisioned— it was a big blow to my wellbeing.

By being so quick to freak out, I was also holding myself back. I really worked on this and got better and better and mindfully walking through the day with faith and trust.

90% of my freak outs are gone, but I have them. Because I’m human. And, so are you.

This means that you might feel tempted to go back to old ways or triggered to go back there.

It’s ok. Just don’t let it be the start of a big downward spin!

Shake it off, and start again.

4.Making upgrades that are going to uniquely serve you.

I just bought a squeegie contraption to clean my windows and mirrors. Yes, I have other ways to clean them, but, my giant mirrors need a better tool to make them clear and streak-free. I also needed a brush to detangle my hair that was made for my kind of very long hair.

Were these things essential? Nope.

But in my life now, they are solving problems that are disruptive enough to warrant new solutions.

If you’ve ever spent more than half an hour detangling your hair you know what I mean!

Now, for you, there may be specific upgrades that are equally life changing. A new fan to ventilate your bathroom. A steamer to steam your own clothes and skip the dry cleaner. A new day planner. New billing software for your business.

Whatever it is for you, you’ll discover it when you see where you are frustrated or not moving with as much ease (*like my giant issue of hair tangles). These game-changers tend to stand out when you’re ready for an upgrade and I highly suggest making the upgrade!

5.Balancing motion and rest.

Take those breaks and get even more rest than you think you need!

It’s exceptionally easy to go-go-go when you’re on a roll, especially when it’s fun. When you’ve got a clock ticking down a deadline, you may not feel like you can dare to take a break.

Now, if you’ve felt unmotivated or stagnant, you may be poised for a whole lot of motion.

I’m not talking about all-nighters or pots of coffee to jump start the passionate flow, though, because that’s not sustainable.

Instead: go for more walks that help your spirit to soar, brainstorm more until ideas light up your mind like firecrackers, get a group together to build synergy…and, do everything else that makes you feel, from the inside out, like everything is getting covered in glitter.

Flow with that energy.

Clear out your space.

Move step-by-step.

Keep on upgrading things.

You’ll soon level up your life across so many dynamics you won’t even know where all this greatness came from, but you’ll be fully ready to receive it all!



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