3 Winning Ways To Get Your Clutter Clearing Started!

Nov 10, 2021 | Feng Shui 101


There’s no one way to do anything that exactly applies to everyone.

Clutter clearing is very individual.

What you’re dealing with, what emotions are invested in all of this stuff, the state of your life right now– it all plays a role in what you’ll be doing while clearing your clutter.

And while there’s no set of strict rules to clear out your life of everything you don’t need and want, there are a few approaches that can help you to successfully get started that are stunningly powerful and easy to do.


Begin with the things you see and experience every day. This is what is having the greatest impact on every day and will make your life instantly much better.

This is basic but brilliant. Nothing compares to the feeling you get as you walk through your day and realize that things are better— right now.

A giant garage clearing is dramatic– and doable! But, when you start with small things– your shower full of products, your drawers, the top of your desk– this is where the daily wins are magnified.

Knock out a few small bits of clearing and you’ll start to build momentum for the big ones.

Play the long game. Tiny sessions are more successful in creating lasting habits in the long run.

You can take a weekend and tear apart a giant closet and clear it out. You may have a lot of success doing it, too.

But, I’ve seen over the last decade or more that small sessions of clearing done consistently are generally more effective in creating lasting life transformation.

You’ll see things more clearly. You’ll uncover emotional patterns, old habits, memories you’re ready to let go. You’ll also start to recognize much more of the daily things you do that invite clutter into your home in the first place.

Once you see that stuff you can get to the roots of where it’s all coming from– and stop the clutter cycle completely.

Write a list of all the things you want to receive and experience in the months ahead before you start clearing your clutter.

What do you want? How do you want to feel?

Today as I do part of a closet project that’s long overdue this list is what’s motivating me.

Clutter is not just about the stuff, it’s about the ways you’ll open doors to attract more greatness into every day as you say goodbye to what doesn’t serve you.

And, yes, I know it can be challenging to clear clutter. It can also be much easier and more rewarding than you might expect.

I’m wishing you so much incredible flow, so much positive forward motion, so much rich and prosperous energy and everything you’re hoping to create!!!



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