2022 Feng Shui For A Year Of Breakthroughs!

Jan 16, 2022 | Feng Shui 101

2022 Feng Shui

2022 Feng Shui is expansive, creative, harmonious and magnetic.

2022 is an incredibly new — and expansive and excellent– New Year!

This New Year is full of the energy of freedom, renewal, expansion, action, and huge success in every way you define it.

Unconditional love, compassion and harmony are the essence of 2022.
Magnetism is dialed up to irresistible levels.
Masterpieces are made this year.
Manifesting happens with even greater speed as you align with what matters most to you.
It’s a year where balance and wellness wins out over “being incredibly busy.”
And, abundance multiplies while your confidence soars!

The big picture of 2022 is inspiring in every dimension. I’m going to dive into all of the big Feng Shui themes below, and I also made you a video of all the 2022 Feng Shui that you can watch HERE!


We have thirteen New Moons this year. So that is 13 times to recharge, revitalize and make a fresh start in life.

The “lucky,” expansive and joyful planet Jupiter is having a big year of radiance after two years of somewhat less divine placement in the sky.  It is time to spread your wings even wider and aim even higher!

Stay tuned because a big post on the brilliance of Jupiter in 2022 is coming very soon!

Jupiter is in Pisces for a large part of the year. This is WILDLY ABUNDANT.  There’s a sense of greater possibility and potential bubbling up everywhere. Staying more grounded and present can help you to take full advantage of this energy.

*Filling your home with more plants and trees, and even growing your own food (making your own sprouts is very easy!) can help you link up to the power of nature.

*Keeping a list of your biggest and most heartfelt intentions for the year at your desk or somewhere prominent where you can see it and energize it with your attention every day can help you stay rooted in what matters most to you.

*Spending time in Nature can be a source of incredible balance, inspiration and revitalization on a cellular level.  All three are also very big themes of 2022.

Jupiter in Pisces meets up with Neptune in April as well. This is a CREATIVE SUPERCHARGER. This rare event can trigger art and culture movements that transform society for the better. And, it’s always a great time to create your own personal masterpieces, too!

*Are you ready to colorize your home and life? Painting a room (or two or three) in colors that call to you on a deep level can blanket you in new vibes and a high level of joyful harmony.

Even wearing new colors can have a mood-shifting affect on your days. All color is energy, and the colors you’re drawn to are the waves of energy that can optimize your life right now!

*Art practices of all kinds can help you to move in new directions in every aspect of life!  Art is one of the greatest forms of life-changing magic– and you don’t have to be “excellent at it” to experience the benefits. You just have to enjoy it!

You might journal every day, pick up a new hobby, knit or take dance classes… or, all of the above and more?! Investing your love, time and energy into any artful practice that you love will reward you with huge life-expansion in every way.

The Eclipses this year are in Taurus + Scorpio. This is big MANIFESTING POWER.  When passionate Earth and passionate Water energy come together, there’s the potential to shape life in totally new and tangible ways.

* Become masterful at planning in your own best ways.  I like to draw out plans in a big sketchpad and write lists of things to do in a notebook from the dollar store. You might like to use a planner, a bullet journal, a digital calendar or an organizing program.

Using colors when creating your plans– highlighting the most important appointments, writing with different colors for different topics or just spicing things up with a rainbow of colored pens– can bring more life force and magnetism into your planning process!

* Experiment and take new leaps forward. There’s a saying that goes something like this : “You’ve got move different if you want different things.” As you get more and more grounded and launch into more creative fun every day, you might get flashes of inspiration or new ideas that seem wild.  Dive in. Try them.

Even if these experiments don’t all lead to “immediate success,” you’ll find your way to absolute genius breakthroughs by staying connected to your inner guidance.

*Creating a vision board for the year if you’re feeling the inspiration. HERE is a video with some of my favorite tips to create vision boards that really speed up your manifesting process! 



Yes, it’s a major year for Feng Shui! And, a year for even more glowing Wellness in all ways you define it.

Caring for your home is a form of self-care.

This year you can turn your home into even more of a personal sanctuary, using Nature as your guide.

Some simple ideas include:  diffusing essential oils every day, lighting a candle for more focus and sparks of Fire elemental energy, opening your curtains every morning to let activating sunlight wash over your space, or putting out small bowls of sea salt around the house to cleanse your home energy with the power of the Earth, refreshing the salt when you feel ready for a refresh.

Doing anything that helps you to feel more harmony and wellness at home is a winning strategy every year, and this year it’s in the spotlight!


The Year of the Tiger is full of CONFIDENCE, SUCCESS, SPEED and standing in your POWER.

Self-care is center stage.

*Speeding up in life requires lots of sleep and slowing down, too!  You can move faster and more effectively when you’re incredibly well-rested.

As you set up your home sanctuary, pay extra attention to your bedroom/ sleep space.  Do you need darker curtains, warmer blankets or refreshed sheets? Could your closet use a little clutter-clearing?

*Mixing in some simple daily spa time is excellent.  You might take an extra minute for a face massage as you put on your moisturizer (lots of great techniques are Google-able!). A few extra minutes can give you time to deep condition your hair or do a body scrub in the shower (just about equal parts sugar and olive oil mixed together is my simple favorite).  A cup of baking soda added to a bath can help your aura to sparkle, too!


Pantone’s Color of The Year is Very Peri, a shade of periwinkle that is very much aligned with the highest vibrations.

Embrace all the high-vibe practices you love. Learn more. Dive into everything that makes you feel golden, glittery, lighter, more free and more intuitively tapped-in.

Anything you love to do that sets you into the higher realms– from your personal spiritual practice to oracle cards, working with crystals or sound bowls, healing modalities and more– will open you up to more incredible insights and inspired visions while bringing you a wealth of happiness and richness. I’m wishing you the most spectacular start to the New Year, full of wellness, love and abundance!

If you want to learn more about opening up to higher realms of energy for yourself this year, this video can be an amazing catalyst:

If you’re ready to make big breakthroughs in 2022, the breakthroughs are ready for you!

And, the Feng Shui Breakthrough Camp is coming soon!  You can sign up HERE to start the FREE Feng Shui Manifesting Video Class that kicks things off!




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