8 Mercury Retrograde Tips To Help You Make Life Breakthroughs!

Jan 17, 2022 | Sensory Goodness

mercury retrograde tips

Mercury Retrograde tips are everywhere.  Mostly, you’ll find articles and videos that harp on the bad reputation the Mercury Retrograde and how to “survive” the many weeks every year that have been associated with negativity that I think is short-sighted. Today’s Mercury Retrograde tips are a bit different.

Today, we are talking about using Mercury Retrograde as a platform to make big life breakthroughs.

There is literally nothing negative about the several-week-long periods throughout the year when Mercury slows down in the sky and Mercury Retrograde begins.

It’s just a reminder for all of us to slow down, too.

As you lean into this energy and slow down, you can invariably speed up.

More will be coming soon on this specific MercuryRetrograde in the Feng Shui Moon Notes (If you don’t get the FREE Moon Notes you can subscribe HERE) but today, let’s really get into the breakthrough-making energy of this time!

mercury retrograde tips

My favorite Mercury Retrograde tips that you can use to prepare for big breakthroughs:

1. Rest is incredibly important, and it will refuel your magnetism.  If you need a few simple sleep tips, some tried and true ones are here for you.  Having a spoonful of magnesium powder in my evening herbal tea is something magical for me.  For some, darker curtains, white noise machines, air purifiers and more have proven magical. Giving yourself the time and space in your schedule to sleep can be a revolution in and of itself!

2. Take a look at the systems and routines in your life and note what might not be working for you any more. Adjust as needed! My morning routine needed an upgrade. You might not like the way your calendar is organized. Take advantage of this time to re-tool things so that they work better for you.

3. Find lots of moments for way more self care. Taking a nap, a long walk, a short meditation, extra time to do your hair in the morning– it’s all wonderful!  I am about to do a great big sea salt bath after I finish a few things that I’m doing at a slow, deliberate and enjoyable pace.

4. Slow, deliberate, enjoyable pace is the key. When you slow down you can find the excellence in every moment. You’ll feel more fulfilled. It is really powerful.

5. Maintenance? Repairs? Feng Shui? It’s an excellent time to fix things around the house, finish unfinished projects and learn more about Feng Shui!  Maintaining your home is a part of maintaining your strong and vibrant energy. I have drawers in my kitchen island to repair so that they actually fit in the island! I’ve also got big organizing to do, a TV to get delivered and a few other exciting home projects to plan.

That reminds me– even if you can’t DO all the things you want to do during Mercury Retrograde, there’s incredible power in planning these projects!

6. Exercise moves energy. This builds your glowing energy field. The more you move in ways that feel good, the more you’ll open to new energy and expanded abundance.

7. More Nature is always a winner. Nature is the ultimate revitalizing force. You might learn to grow a garden in the weeks ahead, or get some new houseplants. You might get into more outdoor adventures. Any way you connect to nature will be amazing.

8. Reconnect to your friends and family in deeper ways, because love and fulfillment is the point of all things. I don’t know many people who can hug a bag of money and feel fulfilled with that alone, yet we can prioritize to the point where love and friendships come last and achievement is the only focus. When you are connected deeply to the love in your life, you multiply your manifesting power!

As you do any or all of the above, you’ll be setting yourself up to take on bigger projects, make bigger leaps and design your life in more powerful ways.

And, please remember– you don’t have to agree with other people’s limitations or fears. You get to decide what’s possible for you.

I hope this is the greatest time of the year for you!



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