Feng Shui To Start A Season Full Of Success!

Jan 29, 2022 | Prosperity

a season of success

There are times when things feel “off,” sideways, not clicking, dragging, uninspired… and you might not know why, but you can absolutely turn this time into a season of success.

And, I don’t want to be glib in saying this. Challenges are real. The dark exists with the light. It’s not all unicorns and rainbows. But, those times can be a springboard to some of the hugest success.

Every big change starts with a decision. Decide right now that you’re going to triumph, and let’s set off into a season of success!

First, sleep. A lot. More than every before. More sleep is the greatest life optimizer and energy booster that is readily available to us. Sleeping deeply has a positive impact on nearly every aspect of your mind, body and spirit.  When I feel “blah”, uninspired, or if I’ve been worries or stressed for any reason, I start sleeping like it’s a job.  Once I sleep enough that I can wake up early without an alarm and feel fantastic, I know that a season of success is underway!

Hydrate fully. Wellness tips always include drinking more water, but here I’m saying “hydrate fully.” You likely don’t have to drink gallons of water to be properly hydrated, but it does help to drink enough that you aren’t getting very thirsty. The Mayo Climic dives into this here, and it’s a great information. I am great at drinking water in warm weather, but in the cold and dark of winter, it can slide. As a result of this slide, I can get very dry eyes, weird body aches and feel overall like my intuition and flow in life is faltering. Plus my skin looks dull and I don’t feel as dynamic, Yes, drinking enough water can be awesome for your intuition, your life flow and personal momentum– and it’s great for you, too.

season of success

Set personal goals that are joyful. Honestly, the greatest energy shifts are the ones that are very focused on on your personal happiness. It actually will translate into more money, more acknowledgement, more of all the “achievements” we value.

If you don’t already feel this way, I challenge you to value your happiness more than anything else in life. If you can indulge in this one aim and thread it through your days, you’ll find that you’re making better decisions, fining more open doors and having an easier time in your whole life.  Set goals of personal learning, personal collections you gather at thrift stores that you’re passionate about, personal bests at the gym, personal goals for your self care– and watch what happens!  My friend dropped a minute on the time it takes her to run a mile and it was time for tears of joy! This kind of growth will grow your whole life.

Do a DIY. It will show you the power you have to transform things. The drawer slides on my new kitchen island arrived broken, so I have a project that feels very advanced on my hands! Even if I hire a carpenter for that one, I am definitely going to be patching, sanding and painting my full kitchen, dining room, living room and hallways because I love a massive transformation and I am ready to master the art of wall painting with ease. Right now I can do it well without any ease! Practice builds flow. And, I’m ready to see more outward demonstrations of my own creative power.  Are you?! Once you start DIY home improvements, you’ll see that your skillset applies to so many other aspects of life!

Set out for consistency. Once you’re rested, hydrated, feeling better and better, strive to be consistent in all ways that you want success. Want to build and grow? Show up every day. Want to write more masterfully? Hit the pages every day. Conquering your clutter? Clear things daily. There’s a commonly held belief that success requires working until you’re knocked out. That’s not a sustainable success strategy.  Being consistent is a superpower. If you’re consistently showing up– rain or shine, inspired or not, feeling validated or ignored at the moment— you’re going to grow. You’re going to get better. You’re going to hit that stride.

Many people boom and bust or quit because the success hasn’t come fast enough. Keep on going and you’ll be thrilled that you have a consistent flow as your success skyrockets!

Lean into life. Make sure you take great care of yourself. And, flow with life as you create more and more of what you want!

Your season of success is here. Enjoy it immensely!



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