Practice Manifesting Every Day To Make A Breakthrough!

Feb 1, 2022 | Creativity

practice manifesting every day

Practice manifesting and you’ll get better at it, especially if your practice helps you to familiarize yourself with all the things you’re looking to create.

Making big art, getting lots of attention, creating more money, living with more love– these things can feel unfamiliar if you haven’t experienced them or it’s been a long time since you’ve had the experience.

When things are to different, too scary, too “new”– it can be tempting to stay in the comfort of where you are in life, even if you aren’t satisfied with where you are now.

This can actually stop you in your tracks and keep you from whole-heartedly moving toward your dreams.

Practice manifesting and soon the big things you’re aiming for will be a lot less “scary” and a lot more thrilling.  You’ll start to expect them and welcome them into your life with more ease!

It’s the next video in the Breakthrough Challenge!

P.S.: If you’re ready to become a Feng Shui Professional this year, diving into the depths of this revolutionary Feng Shui practice, The School of Intention details are HERE for you.

P.P.S.:  As I mentioned n the video, this season, there’s an eight-week online Feng Shui Camp coming soon to organize and energize your home and life to create breakthroughs: The Breakthrough Camp! 

It’s Feng Shui to align your energy (your chakras) and your home so that you can manifest more of what you want on a higher level with greater ease!

If you’re ready for breakthroughs, they’re ready for you!

You can start the FREE Breakthrough Camp Videos HERE to set up your home to make breakthroughs as soon as they begin! 





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