Jupiter in Pisces: The 2022 Planetary Transit Of Abundance!

Feb 16, 2022 | Creativity

Jupiter in Pisces 2022

Jupiter is in Pisces in 2022 for quite some time. Jupiter is the planet of so much expansion that I wanted to talk with one of my favorite Astrologer friends- Clarisse Monahan-  about this new shift in 2022.  While it was intended to be the first podcast episode of the year, the podcast is coming later this year and this topic was too timely and exciting to wait on sharing!

My first reading with Clarisse opened my eyes to why so many things that seemed far out and unexplainable had happened since 2017– without knowing anything from me she could pinpoint it to the month that these mystical events started happening. And, then, she opened my eyes to so many things about my own patterns and habits that illuminated a bright path forward. In my mind, the best intuitive astrologers and readers of all kinds are not those who tell you fear and limitation but, rather, those who help bring clarity and an expanded view of all the joy and potential in life.  That was my initial experience– and every experience– with Clarisse, so I knew her Jupiter in Pisces advice for 2022 would be something empowering for all of you.

We turned all of the wisdom she shared in our exciting conversation into a Jupiter in Pisces 2022 article below that walks you through big themes that may already be expanding in your life. I hope you love it! You can reach Clarisse at her website Venus in Retrograde (where you can book readings and also check out her astrology shirts– I love my Virgo shirt!) and also on Instagram at @venusinretrograde. 

Without further ado, let’s dive into the Venus in Pisces vibes of this year!

Jupiter in Pisces in 2022:  Transiting Through the 12 Houses of the Zodiac.

In terms of astrology for 2022, Jupiter moving into Pisces is one of the best astrological transits of the year!  Jupiter is known as the Greater Benefic – known for its active goodness, luck and expansion of everything, and it brings us the most abundance in our astrological charts.

Jupiter’s energy tends to be stronger in certain signs than in others.  This year Jupiter has moved from Aquarius into Pisces – returning to the sign that it rules, which makes this a strong and influential position to be in, and indicates that this could be a very pivotal year for everyone.

In the past 2 years, Jupiter was in positions where it wasn’t really able to show up fully for us.  In 2020, Jupiter was in Capricorn and was known to be in its Fall – which means it was working with a limited opportunity for what it was able to bring forth within us.

Then in 2021, Jupiter was in Aquarius and was co-present with Saturn, which rules Aquarius – so Jupiter was a guest in Saturn’s house and wasn’t able to fully shine in 2021.  Saturn is known for its strictness, rules and regulations, and Jupiter just wants to expand and not have any boundaries.  So for the past two years, the energy of Jupiter has been somewhat stifled and unable to fully express its’ energy.

With Jupiter moving into Pisces, this water sign that it rules over, it’s definitely going to bring in more compassion, more feelings and emotions.   Jupiter is moving from an air sign (Aquarius) into a water sign (Pisces).  So, it’s shifting from a thinking and analytical phase into more of an emotional, intuitive and passionate phase – so this will bring a giant tonal  shift that will help us all connect in deeper ways.  Pisces is one of the most fertile signs in the Zodiac, so  Jupiter moving into this very fertile water sign is the perfect energy for growth.  When you think of starting fresh, there is very fertile opportunities now for everyone.

So now, if you want to know how Jupiter will affect you on a very personal level, all you need is your rising sign or your astrological ascendant.  You can easily find this information on many of the free astrology resources online. It’s what people refer to as their “rising sign.”  (THIS is a very easy tool to use. I am not endorsing their horoscopes as I am unfamiliar with the material they share, but the ascendant calculator is easy to use!)  Once you have this, you can see below which House Jupiter will be in for you specifically and learn how this will be affecting you in the year 2022.

Jupiter in Pisces 2022

(Pisces Ascendant) – Jupiter in the 1st House

For Pisces rising, Jupiter will be in the First House, bringing lots of luck and tons of expansion and growth.  This can be a year when you begin a significant partnership or something expansive happens with your work.

The first house is very much associated with the self and your identity, so this can be an ideal time to up-level your personal style, and take on a new, positive approach to your identity.  You might also want to try new fitness regimes or any other things that enhance and highlight a positive outlook towards how you feel about yourself.  With Jupiter in the first house, it’s a good idea be a bit more focused on your own needs this year.

(Aquarius Ascendant) – Jupiter in the 2nd House

The Second House represents money, possessions, and resources, so this brings a focus on expansion in these areas.  This is a house associated not just with money, but also with what we value and what brings us security.

So, often this house can be associated with relationships and  feeling really good and that inner security relationships can bring.  And with Jupiter here, if you have any issues with self-confidence in relationships or about security, this can be a great year to delve into and expand your own sense of personal value and magnetize people into your life that align with you and all that you are.

And of course, it’s also a great year for finances or for dedicating a practice towards some form of expansion with your finances.   Whether it’s just making sure you’re on top of your money stream or its deciding to start a savings practice, anything you do involving expanding through material possessions can be really amazing this year.

(Capricorn Ascendant) – Jupiter in 3rd House

Capricorn Ascendants have Jupiter transiting their Third House, which is all about the mind, expansion and thinking.

This is a beautiful year to learn something new, go back to school, begin a new course in something you’ve always wanted to learn about, study and communicate your wisdom with people.

This is also the house associated with siblings, so if your relationship hasn’t been very close lately, it can be a great year to really reconnect.  And, even if your sibling relationship is thriving, this can be a great time to reinforce this relationship even more with some great quality time.

The Third house is known to be a busy House full of motion, communication and movement.  So, your Jupiter transit here can certainly highlight a year of traveling or having a great deal of things to do to stay active.

(Sagittarius Ascendant) – Jupiter in the 4th House

For Sagittarius ascendants,  you have Jupiter transiting the Fourth House of home and family.  This Jupiter transit will be associated with your roots, self-care, family and your foundational energy.  So, this can be an ideal time to ask the question: Where do you want to expand your home?

Sometimes this can literally mean building an extension on your house, or it can mean having a child.   It can be expanding your life at home by designing or re-designing your home or just making simple adjustments to make it feel more open or expansive. This can also mean de-cluttering and re-organizing your home.

With Jupiter in your Fourth House, it can be the perfect time to invite more people over for socializing, dinner or in any way that seems fun and expansive.

(Scorpio Ascendant) – Jupiter in 5th House

The Fifth House represents children, romance and sex.   This Jupiter transit brings very warm, fun and playful energy into your romantic relationships.  Jupiter transiting the Fifth House is also an ideal time for anyone who is wanting to have a child.

When Jupiter transits here, and you already have children, Jupiter’s energy can amplify good fortune for them.

(Libra Ascendant )- Jupiter in the 6th House

With Libra ascendants, Jupiter will be in Sixth House of habits and routines, health and service.

This energy is inviting you to add more expansive and fun rituals to your day-to -day routines.   You can ask yourself the question: How can I bring more exciting rituals into my everyday practices?

This is also a great time to assess your diet and what you put into your body.   You might want to begin eating intuitively, by asking your body what it needs and really take note of how you feel after you eat certain foods.   You can ask yourself the question: When I eat this, does it make me feel good?  This can help you make choices for your body that are more in line with what it’s desiring – listening to that internal, intuitive side of yourself.

(Virgo Ascendant )Jupiter in the 7th House

Virgos Ascendants are going to have a very focused year on relationships.   The Seventh House is associated with partnerships, marriage and anything to do with one-on-one relationships.  This isn’t just intimate relationships, but also business partners and friendships.

So,  Jupiter here is a great time for expansion through relationships, bringing in new relationships, bringing in a teacher or literally getting married.

This is also a chance to really improve how you operate in your partnerships, including your communication style.

(Leo Ascendant ) – Jupiter in the 8th House

For Leo ascendants, Jupiter is going to be in your 8th House of shared resources and finances.   So Leo ascendants, this is all about your partner’s money if you’re in a partnership.  And if you’re not in a partnership, this would include getting returns on your investments, possible inheritances, large tax returns – anything that comes from money that is not yours.

So, this is a time to pay close attention to money you’ve invested because this can be a time when you get some unexpected money coming in.

(Cancer Ascendant) – Jupiter in the 9th House

Cancer ascendants have Jupiter transiting  their Ninth House of higher philosophy, spirituality and long-distance journeys.

The 9th House  is associated with higher education.   For example, this could mean going back to school for a PhD or a master’s degree, or taking some sort of formal course. This is a time to really challenge yourself to discover more about who you are and delve into spirituality.  This is an amazing transit for getting in touch with your soul and aligning with your soul’s path.

This House has to do with travel, so you can ask yourself:  Where do you want to travel to?

And if you can’t travel: Where do you want to journey to in your mind?

(Gemini Ascendant) – Jupiter in the 10th House

The Tenth House represents public image, goals and your social status.   The Tenth House is about being seen and making your mark on the world.  As the Tenth House is getting activated for Gemini ascendants, it’s a big year for you in terms of your career.

This is the perfect time to check in with yourself, think about where you want to be by the end of the year and set some goals for yourself and your career.

Jupiter is the planet of abundance and luck, so with the transit here it’s a really good time to ask for a raise at work because you’re going to be seen in a very positive light.

(Taurus Ascendant) – Jupiter in the 11th House

The Eleventh House represents friendships, groups and networking – opening the channels of communication with the people around you.

So, for the Taurus ascendant, this is a great time to connect with your community. Where can you give more? How can you connect more with the people around you?

This is a time to be social and strengthen the bonds with your friends.   How can you get your friends together more? Have you missed being together in 2021?   Jupiter represents seeking wisdom and knowledge, so you may find yourself as a strong support system or taking on the role of a teacher for your friends.

(Aries Ascendant) – Jupiter in the 12th House

For the Aries ascendant,  Jupiter is transiting their Twelfth House of the subconscious, endings and what’s hidden.   This House is also associated with our mental health.

Although you have a lot of fire and enjoy always being on the go, Jupiter transiting this House is an invitation you to go inward and slow down.  Ask yourself:  What do I want to let go of that is no longer serving me?  What do I want to close up and finish?

From May to October of this year Jupiter is going to dip into Aries and then return to into Pisces.  So, for the first few months of the year it may be a time of reflection, restoration and getting in touch with your emotional side, but you will certainly have plenty of Aries energy to move forward with all the realizations you’ve discovered.

No matter what House or astrological sign you are, know that it’s always an epic year (and you can make your own luck at all times)  I hope you fully enjoy every single moment of it!  Thank you so much Clarisse for all of this brilliance! xoxo!!! Dana 



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  1. Becky

    This is very interesting. Am I looking at my ascendant in my natal chart? My rising sign in my natal chart is in Aquarius. How are my money and possessions going to expand since I’ll be retiring in July?


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