10 Feng Shui Projects To Kick Off A Season Of Breakthroughs!

Mar 4, 2022 | Home Style

feng shui projects

It’s a huge season of Feng Shui projects in my home, as new landscaping is being planned for outside, so many things are being renewed inside and big next-level shifts are happening in my work in all ways, too.

The Feng Shui School of Intention Professional Training is starting soon (*details are HERE if you want to join us in the life-changing Feng Shui School!) , and I’ve got four brand new projects and one more huge work upgrade coming in the weeks and months ahead. It’s a big time, and I am so so ready for it all!

Since our homes reflect our lives, we can keep the creative flow going with even the smallest Feng Shui shifts. Never ever have I been more motivated to make these types of changes that seem small but have a huge ripple effect in your home energy!

These Feng Shui projects are largely inexpensive, all DIY (except perhaps one) and every one will fulfill a different energetic need in my home.

I’m sharing them all today to inspire you to make your own list of small, doable updates that can bring you to a whole new level of joy, high vibes and feelings of freedom!

Here are 10 of my top Feng Shui projects of the season leading up to a possible full re-do of the furniture in half of my house! I have a feeling the furniture updates will be less appealing after these projects are completed!

Caulk is refreshed in the bathroom.  What a win! Fresh caulk in bathrooms can be a massive game-changer. Not only is it a healthy thing to upgrade, it’s easy to upgrade. You can find online tutorials and get the job done for very little money in no-time flat!

Files are being shredded. Papers in files are full of energy, and you may not need all that old energy laying around. I do a lot of clearing and I really relish it, so if I managed to find a massive stack of files that were not needed, chances are a few of you have something similar to shred!

The walkway is being refreshed. This is a major vibe shifter and I’m doing it right now, today. I’ve got plans to polish, sweep, scrub and energize the walkway to my house. From sweeping to power-washing, when your walkway to your door is clean and clear, you will feel the difference in your home energy!

Outdoor spruce up! I’m repainting some trim outside, even though it’s hardly noticed by others. If I can see it, I am going to fix it! The outside of your house is projecting out to the community around you, and even if you don’t have full control of it, do what you can to keep it energized.

Indoor painting is being planned. Do you have a room to paint? I have FOUR LARGE AREAS. I may be totally crazy to do this as I imagine I won’t live in this place for longer than another year, but why waste a year, or six months, or two months, living with less than awesome energy when the fix can be super-inexpensive.  I am doing one coat of Clare Paint throughout the house. The color scheme is TBD. But I do have a potential kitchen color above, as it’s the first, and likely the easiest, room I will be painting. What do you think?

Clear the air!  New air purifiers are up and running, and I can tell you that I already feel the difference in my home by running the air purifiers a few hours a day.

Plants are being potted. I love to multiply my plants, especially succulents. This week’s project is repotting some snake plant trimmings that have grown new roots!  Houseplant House has a great tutorial on propagation of your own snake plants. It is joyfully efficient and easy!

Finishing touches are being done on repairs. New drawer slides for kitchen drawers will be expansive. I got a kitchen island that arrived with broken drawer slides. And as I look at this island without drawers, I feel… incomplete!  These drawers are not big, but they will be a key to sorting measuring cups and spoons, along with other kitchen gadgets like tea strainers and ice-cube trays that are often used but never have the right home. I am headed to the hardware store with a spring in my step to get replacement drawer slides to start using these drawers asap!

Organizing is getting done. I’m investing in some refrigerator organization because it’s time! I used to think that piles of serving bowls with lids and all sorts of storage would amount to clutter, so I was very minimal in my container purchases. Now, with the dogs eating fresh food, nearly every meal coming from my kitchen and an eye toward much more to cook up in the spirit of revitalization (everything from massive weekly soups to homemade collagen jello juice squares, many quarts of fresh yogurt and much much more), I am ready for more storage options to make my refrigerator more of a masterpiece of organization– and space!

Plus, I’m getting two antiques restored this season.  This will be a longer project as I have some research to do to find the best place to go to get both of these beautiful pieces from the 70’s totally renewed. One I may be able to restore myself with some skill-building and patience.  The other definitely requires experts and I simply can’t wait to get both projects done!

Restoring antiques and heirlooms is a tribute to your legacy and the legacy of the items. It’s a spectacular way to honor the past while energizing the future.

Needless to say, your list will be different from mine, but this may have sparked some ideas to set your own Feng Shui projects in motion!

Do you have a small list of fun Feng Shui projects on your own? Now is always the best time to dive into them!

Every small update leads to huge life upgrades in exciting ways.




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