10 Feng Shui Ways To Prepare For An Incredible Week Ahead!

Mar 13, 2022 | Creativity

 Prepare For An Incredible Week

There are so many ways you can prepare for an incredible week ahead with Feng Shui, energy shifting and lots of joy!

Getting ready for things is quite a big deal. The more prepared you are on every level– physically, mentally, energetically in mind, body and spirit– the easier things tend to “come together” in synchronistic ways that can feel like magic.

Essentially, when you get yourself very ready, you’re setting the groundwork for success. You’re building a foundation that’s more solid and you’re pulling together all of the creative components of your desires as you prepare for things– whether you’re getting ready for a single meeting or an entire month that’s ahead of you.

Today, I’m going to share some of the Feng Shui ways I use often to prepare for an incredible week ahead.  The more “readiness” you feel for everything that ‘s ahead, the more you can maximize the excellence in every single moment! As with all things, please feel free to customize all of this as you’ll know best what you need to do for you.

home energy makeover

1.First things first: sleep as much as possible if you’re in need of sleep. Nap, sleep, zone out, daydream— all of this is so key to your wellness and energy, too.  Every weekend I reset my bedroom energy by deep cleaning, changing the sheets, doing any laundry in the closet hamper and refreshing everything with some simple energy clearing. (see above and also HERE for a few ideas)

2.Drink a ton of water (within reason) to be fully revitalized. I know, this is basic but I tend to get more dehydrated during the week when I’m running around a lot and this is a key reminder for me to drink lots of water.

3.Refresh the fridge and head to the markets. The entire refrigerator gets cleaned out on the weekend and this is a huge boost in itself— but the bigger boost comes from replenishing things. Whether you shop at a grocery store, farmers market or coop, plan out your list of things you need and want with your energy in mind. For example, I am craving dates, nuts and leaning into more roasted vegetables and salad (when I think ahead, this is what appeals the most to me this week) so it’s all on my shopping list. Not only will this help you to get more of the food you need and want, it can help you cut down on the waste that comes from random grocery shopping.

4.Fun. All kinds of fun. And don’t just reserve fun for the weekend– fun is for every day.

5.Recharge the high vibe objects. Every week, regardless of the moon, regardless of the stars, I do a quick cleanse of my crystals and other high vibe objects, running them through some incense smoke to clear their energy. I have a lot of crystals so this is an adventure!

 Prepare For An Incredible Week

6.Plants= also refreshed. Depending on the plant I may skip a week in watering, but as a general rule, everything gets fed and watered. Today, this is high on the list as it’s been hot here.  Every single plant glows with radiance after their food and water… and I may just get another special plant for myself today at the grocery store, too!

7. Flowers. Because I am very serious about the seasonal high vibes, every single week I make it a point to get the freshest flowers I can find to bring more life-force to my home. These can cost a few dollars or they can be freshly picked by you– either way, they are amazing. If you’re spending lots of time at the office, if you can swing a second bouquet to bring into work, it’s a magnificent idea!

8. Beautification. Self-care. All of it! Weekends are a big time of deep conditioning hair (long long overdue for me), lots of face masks, body scrubs, manicures and all the things refreshing. If you can sneak some extra self-care into the weekend it will fuel your week in wonderful ways.

9. Research. Yes, research!  Whether it’s reading, experimenting at home, studying, or doing an investigation of practical matters (*looking up people I need to call to get things accomplished in any area of life, learning what I need to complete various chores, etc), research is the ultimate preparation for the week ahead. You’ll show up to meetings bursting with brilliance, you’ll know what to do to finally get to the bottom of your plumbing issue— all of it and so so much more!

10. Plan. Plan. Plan. The #1 way to prepare for an epic week ahead is to plan it out, as comprehensively as possible. I can’t say enough about how important this is. Planning will reorganize the universe in your favor. It’s the most practical way to “manifest more.” And, one of my best tips for planning is to make it as fun as possible. Use colors. Use your creative ideas. Make sure you have plans to do a lot of incredibly fun things!

All of this — and so much more– can help you prepare for an incredible week and launch into an incredible week where breakthroughs happen!



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