Are You In Need Of Deep Revitalization?

Apr 17, 2022 | Creativity

deep revitalization

I am astonished by how many people are burned out and in need of deep revitalization, but based on so many factors there’s no real reason to be so astonished.

I think it hits so deep because I am one of them. I’m not burned out, per say, but I never really fully recharged from a very big burnout and it’s caught up with me. The highs of energy are not quite as high and the lows are lower than being tired in general.

What’s more interesting– and something you may relate to– is that my lifestyle is one that resembles “iconic wellness.” I spend so much time during the day doing my spiritual practice, doing work I love, surrounded by love and immersed in the privileges of great food and water, supplements and the highest energy tools I’ve encountered in a lifetime of questing for them.

So, what is the issue? And why are so many people in this place right now where their battery never goes to “fully charged?”

I don’t have all the answers here but I am going to do a deep-dive series on this — a depths of self-love series here, on YouTube, Tiktok and IG– exploring the big things that I am recognizing that are quite a big deal.  These topics that are speaking to me may also speak to you if you are in need of deep revitalization, too.

deep revitalization

Why are you burned out?   The reasons for burnout can be varied– extreme stress, trauma, grief, nutritional imbalances, underlying physical causes, or even doing too much of the things that you love to do. Yep, we need rest as much as we need all that passion. I’m oversimplifying here, because there are often complex causes, but it’s the greatest starting point. Often we can think, ” I just need more sleep,” but sleep can be just one of several big things that can refuel your tank.

It takes months to years of commitment to fully recover from burnout of all kinds.  Yes, months to years of commitment to feeling better and better. This is something I could never fathom.  As soon as I would feel better, I would be right back to action, and that was within days or, at the longest, a few weeks after hitting a wall and crashing from exhaustion. So, I realized I have not ever fully recovered from extreme burnout, even though I feel pretty great. It’s not my greatest.  And, it’s liberating and freeing to know that I can revitalize so much more fully by committing to take the time to do it.

Getting grounded at home is a big way to feel better.  I have such big home decor shifts underway, big energy shifts, that will make my house even more of a personal sanctuary. I know what it feels like to feel truly grounded and at home– and I know that another level of this “home” connection is going to be magical.  Unfolding this work slowly, step-by-step, will keep me from overdoing it and getting exhausted, and you can do the same.  You may need to clear some clutter, create more organization, revamp or reenergize– and you can do it all, step-by-step, feeling the energy rise with each step you take.

Sleeping more deeply– as a daily practice.  Sleeping early, sleeping enough and sleeping deeply are all vital.  The second half of my day is getting a makeover so that I can truly relax before I go to bed far earlier than I have been.  There are so many scientifically proven methods to get better sleep, and while I’ll share many on the weeks ahead, the one that works the best for me is to shut down my mind two hours before bed.  It’s a time for stretching, cleaning up, making art, burning a candle, writing gratitude lists… but not a time to take in more information or loud sensory experience in my own life.  It’s a game-changer and I so look forward to doing more of it!

And, of course, there are so many revitalizing energy practices. I am ready for all of them. And I’m ready to share my journey with you.

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