Get Organized For Productivity With Feng Shui Magic In The Mix!

Apr 26, 2022 | Prosperity

get organized for productivity

Do you need to get organized for productivity? Honestly, so many of us miss the signs that disorganization is holding us back.  HERE is a post that can help you identify if your current organization (or lack of it) is a problem. 

I can tell you from the last 18+ years of experience working with Feng Shui that I’ve never met a single person who wouldn’t benefit from more organization.

And, if you do need to get organized for productivity, we are likely not dealing with getting lots of fancy containers, label makers and rainbow colored bins.  All of that is well and good and often lovely, but it’s not the true core of organization that will make you more productive.

Today we are going to look at three aspect of organization that I’m applying to my own life as I sail through a marathon of home upgrades, revamping business projects, finishing an enormous new project from the start and focus on my wellness in the process.  Whew, I’m exhausted just saying that– but, with more organization every day, this very stacked deck of time right now is incredibly motivating and thrilling.

If you’re ready to get organized for productivity and launch into your own marathon of creativity, if you’re excited to make new breakthroughs or you’re tired of feeling stuck, this can help a lot.

get organized for productivity

Dump the clutter in the immediate path of your action. 

Yes, you might have tons of clutter in the basement, the closet you never open and many more places that will all benefit from your love, attention and clearing… but when you’re really needing some wind beneath your wings to start creating in a bigger way, start with the things you interact with every day.

Clear that immediate clutter in your path.

It may mean cleaning out your office, your files you access frequently, your closet full of clothes, the bookshelves you use as a reference, the bag that you carry, your wallet and other things that are a part of daily life.  This kind of clearing will immediately open the doors to more open-minded, focused flow in your life. If you want to get organized for productivity, this is a key step.

Set up your time in a practical but very focused way.

I used to plan my days with what I now see was a “Fantasy Calendar” approach to life that would fail me every time.  I would somehow imagine that I could whizz through multiple huge projects that require deep focus in a day, and then pile atop that more admin and more to do.  My calendar didn’t represent the actual amount of time I needed to devote to anything, and as a consequence, I would always feel stressed, like I was falling behind and racing to get through things.

I know I am not the only one. Clients have talked to me about this for years, always wondering if there was a trick to get more done because they could never keep up. I know that feeling. And, some strategy and clarity can set you free.

Schedule yourself so that you can devote adequate time to each task and a bit extra on top of that.  You’ll have a calendar that keeps you on track and brings you more of a sense of order, creativity and flow.

Take a day — or a part of a day– that’s devoted to preparation each week.

Preparation is definitely an act of self-love.  My Sundays are organizing time for all of life.  Checking the pantry, planning meals, creating a schedule, doing research for projects in the week ahead, making sure I have the supplies I need, clearing the house, laundry, cleaning– all of it. I realized that about four hours of preparation for the week made a world of difference.  You might do meal prep, meeting prep, spa time, or other things to get ready… and it’s all self-love in action.

All of this basic organization can start to reorganize the universe in your favor, and when you do it for yourself, you’ll see just how “productive” you can be while still feeling amazing.

Here’s to your biggest breakthroughs!



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