Slow Down Your Pace And Supercharge Your Life

May 23, 2022 | Sensory Goodness

slow down your pace

You can slow down your pace every day and supercharge your life in the process.

We are starting a Self-Care Challenge this week, looking at many new ways of energizing and filling your life with love.

As we head into a season of Love Feng Shui with the Love Camp coming soon, it’s tempting to dream about more romance, to think about relationships and look to spice up your love life. I encourage every single bit of this– but, also, I deeply encourage you to love yourself fully.

More self care is the key to more love flourishing in every way.

Today’s start to the challenge is a big one, especially if you’re frequently burned out or stressed.

You can deliberately slow down your pace without taking your life to a grinding halt.

As you slow down your pace you’ll have access to the flow state of deep focus and infinite genius.

This exercise and awareness is so easy to cultivate, so much fun to experience, and, it’s self-care in a profound way.

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