Understanding Your Progressed Moon In Astrology

May 25, 2022 | Feng Shui 101

understanding your progressed moon

Today’s deeper dive into astrology has to do with understanding your progressed moon in astrology.

Unlike your natal moon– the placement of the moon where you were born– your progressed moon changes every two and a half years, and it adds an interesting layer to interpreting your astrology.

Understanding your progressed moon can

For this deep dive, I’m thrilled to introduce you to astrologer Abby Maxam. 

I’m turning it over to Abby now, and as I post this I am off to look at my own progressed moon at the moment.

“What is your progressed Moon and how can you work with this progression for your benefit?

Learning about your current progressed Moon cycle can give you clues as to how you deal with energy levels, stress, decisions, creativity and connection. It is as if you are trying on a new pair of sunglasses with new lenses and color – giving you a different way of seeing the world. Not to be confused with your Natal Moon which is determined at birth and never changes, your progressed Moon changes every 2.5 years.

The progressed Moon moves about 1 degree each month and remains in a zodiac sign for about 2.5 years. So every 2.5 years there is an opportunity to feel the energy of a different zodiac sign. The Moon represents your emotional body and how you process and feel emotion, so adding this layer to your chart can give you a new flavor and theme for 2.5 years.

You will feel this new energy most strongly at the beginning and end of the 2.5 year cycle. For example, an introverted and sensitive Cancer could have a progressed Moon in the fiery, bold sign of Aries giving the Cancer a new burst of energy and action.

Each zodiac sign has gifts and challenges, so knowing these for each sign can help you with clarity and awareness. The sign of your progressed Moon can be both different or the same as your Natal Moon and Sun sign depending on the timing.

How do you find your progressed moon and what does it mean for you?
1. Go to www.astro.com
2. Click on “Free Horoscopes” from the blue navigation at the top of the page on the left.
3. In the “Free Horoscopes” section choose “Horoscope Drawings and Data”
4. Then select Under “Extended Chart Selection”
5. Make sure to input your birth information – time, date and place and that your name is at the top under “The Horoscope is for: ____”
6. Select Chart Type “Round” then from the drop down menu “Progressed Chart*”.


“Progressed Chart”

7. Below the chart look for the moon symbol.

This is your progressed moon. In the chart shown, the progressed Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius.

Here is a graphic that can help you understand the chart from Astro.com :

Progressed Moons in All the Signs

Aries – Watch out, here I come!
Element: Fire
Feeling: Extroverted
Gifts: Physicality, leadership, boldness, high energy
Challenges: Overly impulsive, bossy, aggressive, out for self only

Taurus – Slow down and enjoy the ride.
Element: Earth
Feeling: Introverted
Gifts: Grounded, pleasure seeking, stable, slow and steady
Challenges: Lazy, rigid, stuck in comfort, stubborn

Gemini – Let the social butterfly out.
Element: Air
Feeling: Extroverted
Gifts: Communication, variety, curiosity, new friendships
Challenges: Fickle, scattered, mental overload, gossipy

Cancer – Be home and comfy.
Element: Water
Feeling: Introverted
Gifts: Nurturing, sensitive, nesting, vulnerable
Challenges: Depression, ignoring self care, eating for comfort, isolation

Leo – Time to stand out!
Element: Fire
Feeling: Extrovert
Gifts: Playfulness, creativity, motivation, courage
Challenges: High drama, waiting for other’s approval, vain, power seeking

Virgo –Time to get organized and care for your health.
Element: Earth
Feeling: Introverted
Gifts: Focused on health and daily rituals, organize, wanting to serve others, excellence
Challenges: Perfectionism, anxiety, over active nervous system, critical of others and self

Libra – Collaboration and partnership is the medicine.
Element: Air
Feeling: Extrovert
Gifts: Balance, harmony, collaborative, artistic
Challenges: Indecision, codependent, out of balance, unhealthy people pleaser

Scorpio – Don’t be afraid to go deep.
Element: Water
Feeling: Introvert
Gifts: Focused, healing, emotional knowledge, connecting to intuition
Challenges: Depression, overly possessive, obsession, negativity

Sagittarius – Let’s go travel, learn and play. More please!
Element: Fire
Feeling: Extrovert
Gifts: Optimism, expansion, travel, inspiring others
Challenges: Over indulgent, escapism, detached, too many ideas

Capricorn – Work hard and own it.
Element: Earth
Feeling: Introverted
Gifts: Leader, diligent, discipline, responsibility
Challenges: Money hungry, authoritative, strict, envious

Aquarius – Embrace your uniqueness
Element: Air
Feeling: Extroverted
Gifts: Revolutionary, progressive, open minded, unconventional
Challenges: Detachment, cold, impatient, pretentious

Pisces – Float in your dream world.
Element: Water
Feeling: Introverted
Gifts: Artistic, spiritual, compassionate, sensitive
Challenges: Escapist, addiction, confusion, boundaryless

If you want to learn more about your progressed Moon and your entire astrological blueprint, please contact me so that I can lead you through a journey of your astrological chart. With optimism and intuition, I will help put the cosmic pieces together to support you in understanding yourself on a deeper level. ”

Email: abby@theredmystic.com // Website: https://www.theredmystic.com/  // Instagram: @Abbytheredmystic


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