Be Your Own Champion And Stand In Your Radiant Power!

May 31, 2022 | Sensory Goodness

be your own champion
Be your own champion and life becomes so much easier in all ways.

When you’re up against yourself– constantly pressuring yourself, berating yourself, punishing yourself, forcing yourself to do things that feel terrible– life is an uphill slog.

But, so many of us do it every single day.

Many of us have been taught to motivate ourselves by continually criticizing ourselves.

We also learn that it’s “humble” to joke about ourselves in a deprecating way– calling ourselves stupid, a mess and other things that are meant to make sure we don’t sine too brightly.

When you shine brightly, you give other people the example to do the same.  And, we can all shine brightly at the very same time!

If you choose to be your own champion instead of a critic, the personal benefits you’ll receive are incredibly enormous!

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