Healthy Personal Boundaries Can Transform Your Life!

Jun 15, 2022 | Sensory Goodness

healthy personal boundaries

Healthy personal boundaries can improve your relationships and transform your entire life!

Over and again, I’ve seen and lived this situation: personal boundaries can make the difference between feeling vital and feeling drained. Healthy personal boundaries can be your greatest success secret.

Living without strong boundaries can feel like you’re being “open,” like you’re being a good person by helping everyone.  But, when you have your energy open to everything, a lot of unintended things can come in.  You can pick up lots of negativity from others, you can pick up heavy energy in the air and you can give away more energy than you can afford to give without having the time and space to replenish yourself.

When you start to learn your own limits, saying no when you need to say no, saying yes to yourself as often as possible– this can revitalize your life tremendously.

The more you cultivate your own boundaries, the more unstoppable and strong you’ll feel.  And, this exercise can be really helpful to start creating these boundaries!

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