7 Prosperous Benefits Of Relaxation

Jul 20, 2022 | Sensory Goodness

benefits of relaxation

The benefits of relaxation are immense, and yet, despite great research, ancient wisdom and a litany of calls for more “self-care,” relaxation can be hard for many people to fit in and justify in a world based on productivity.

But, what happens if one of the greatest benefits of relaxation is greater productivity and prosperity?

In Feng Shui, and so much of the energetic work that moves in tandem with Feng Shui in this Method, relaxation is essential to success. Energy isn’t optimal without both yin and yang forces in harmony.  In fact, this concept on Yin and Yang encompasses all of the greatest Eastern philosophy.

I once had a sit-down conversation with a Buddhist priest at my temple because I wanted to make the most of my daily practice.  Your sincerity in the practice means a lot, but there are components of learning and wisdom that I felt I could improve upon.   I was looking for a way to accelerate my benefits. This was a very American question that didn’t square well with an ancient orthodox practice, but that didn’t stop me from asking.

The priest told me to fully focus on what I was doing throughout the day, to work when it was time to work, to pray at the times to pray and to rest and enjoy life in the rest of the time.  I’m paraphrasing here– but, essentially, this was shocking to me.  I didn’t even have normal work time, regular time to sleep, and the idea of meal time seemed so foreign that I was shook.  My life was essentially built around “achievement” and that meant answering work emails late at night, eating when I had a lunch or could grab something quickly,  I didn’t designate any time for leisure and I was always up far too late for no good reason.

I had no sense of rest in my life.  And, this was the secret of success I was missing.

While I still don’t have prescribed meal times, I know that I will eat regular meals, I do have a sense of when and how long I’m sleeping now, but, most importantly, I prioritize my spiritual time and time to take real breaks as a part of every day.  Life isn’t running me any more. I am creating my days.

Sometimes the simplest advice hits the deepest, and today as we talk about the prosperous benefits of relaxation, I imagine it may seem simplistic on the surface. This, though, if embraced fully, can be the key to supercharging your life!

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