Money Feng Shui And The Ways That Your Home Can Support Your Wealth!

Jul 28, 2022 | Prosperity

money feng shui

Money Feng Shui is a huge topic. In fact, I can’t recall a single client I’ve worked with in 18+ years that hasn’t been interested in having more cash.

Feng Shui was originally created to support survival. When an environment is set up in ways that are strong, conductive to positive energy flow and full of connection to Nature, many people found that they had a greater chance of surviving and even thriving in in the ancient world.

In modern times, the principles of this great wisdom tradition still hold, yet they find their way into environments that have new amenities like bathrooms, electrical systems, plumbing and modern security systems.  We are, overall, far less susceptible to the threats that our ancestors faced, but we still need homes that support us in powerful ways.  It’s common to wish to not just survive but, also, to thrive.

As we gear up for a new season of Feng Shui School with the School of Intention Professional Feng Shui Certification Training open for registration, I’ve been having so many amazing conversations with people before they enroll.  Many of the questions have to do with the practical nature of this practice that often works like magic, including very big questions about how Money Feng Shui actually works in life.

money feng shui

Here are many (yet not even all)  ways that your home can support your wealth:

–You’ll eliminate energetic leaks and drains that mirror your own distractions, energy drains and ways that energy isn’t being optimally used every day.  As you get rid of these drains, you start feeling stronger. Your space feels stronger.

–You’ll be more inspired.  Money Feng Shui in my mind is about creative power. Your creativity is the generator of all abundance and you’ll feel more creative in a home that’s full of inspiration.

–It’s not just visual– you are also tuning up the quality of energy in your home when you’re using Feng Shui. Money is energy. This energetic tune up at home directly affects your life because your home is an extension of your energy field.

–Your focus will be stronger. As your home becomes more organized and deliberately designed, it becomes far easier to focus.

–Your home will look richer and more full of pride and power. As you care for your home, you’re also caring for yourself.  This investment of energy into your surroundings is an investment in your wellbeing and personal value.

–You’ll be living in a vision board of your dreams and desires, immersed in everything that you want to experience and feel on an emotional level. As you embody this energy, your life will expand.

–Decluttering can often bring you instant abundance. That saying “out with the old, in with the new” came from a powerful place. As you eliminate old stuff you make space for new things to arrive, often with great speed.

And, that’s just the start!

If you want to explore more Money Feng Shui, this playlist is filled with videos to get started!



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Have so much fun building your wealth in ways that make you feel more powerful and energized and awesome— it always pays off!!!




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