How Do You Define Your Career Path As A Multipassionate Person?

Aug 11, 2022 | Creativity


I can tell you with certainty that there’s actually not one way that a multipassionate person can discover their best roads forward in life. There are definitely ways to streamline– and flood joy into– your process of discovering all your best personal paths.

I spent a decade and a half not really sure how I could ever have a solid and exceptional career that I could really grow and thrive with.  I tried absolutely everything from being a full-time artist and writer to managing art galleries. I was a high-profile assistant in Hollywood. I was a Creative Director, and those words really suited me because they were nebulous yet sounded significant and all-encompassing, even though my job didn’t quite live up to the hype.  I had a jewelry line made of crystals before the crystal craze, I considered learning yoga when no one owned a yoga mat and there were about 2 studios in all of New York City. I tried all sorts of things and nothing was “it.”

My career as a Feng Shui Master with a self-styled Method– a designer of home and life working with aesthetics and energy — actually found me as I explored a lot of things I loved. Once I recognized it as an actual career path, I crafted all the facets of my work to match my multipassionate nature.

Since those early days, I’ve worked with endless numbers of people looking to redesign their lives.  Of course, since I’m a Feng Shui Master, we also redesign homes in the process.  But, it all begins with desire. And, from there, we start to refine and hone Intentions, gain clarity on what is the greatest priority and move from your True Nature to bring it to life in your home and your life.

Many people want a dream career, but it isn’t “pre-made.” It has to be created. Many others have some incredible career paths in mind but none of them are fulfilling in their reality. Still others find that they have so many interests that they want to explore, they feel frozen to make choices and explore any of them. 

Wherever you’re at in your multipassionate career journey, it’s my hope that a few of these questions can help you to look at your many passions and infinite career options with fresh perspective and a visceral sense of personal discernment.


What do you actually want to do? What do you want to create? 

List it all out.  You may have 10 or 15 different things in mind.  Put them all on paper. Every last one of them.

You can also consider:

What kind of schedule and sense of structure do you want? Do you want to be at an office or in a collaborative space? Do you want to be up early and home early? Do you want the highest degree of flexibility?

–Look through your list and see if what you’ve got in mind so far aligns with the type of lifestyle you want to create.

Do you want to be fully responsible for generating all of your own money in a business or do you want to work for other people and have Passion Projects on the side? Or do you want to have a business of your own and focus on just one thing?  Or, start a business with many related offerings? 

–Look through your list and see what actually feels more like a hobby than a career to you.  Note what feels like it could be developed into a valuable offering. Note what you might actually “like the”idea of but can’t truly imagine doing as a career.

What do you both love to do and feel really suited to do?  When I say “suited” what I mean is– if you were doing this skill at a professional level, do you feel like it’s a match for your energy and personality?

For example, I loved making small batches of jewelry. Managing the production of other people making my designs was not what I was suited to do, nor was it my nature to be selling it all day long.  I still love to do it, but I’m not really suited for it as a profession. Until I realized that, I kept promising myself that “one day I’d expand.” But, it literally wan’t for me.

I also do Interior Design as part of this work, and despite many different possibilities to expand this, I feel ill suited to run a singular Design Firm.  It’s not my zone of genius to actually manage this type of business, at least not right now.

— Look through your list of interests and see what you feel you are more naturally and intuitively suited for. This can give you more clarity on your jouney as well.

What can you start with right now? 

I’m a believer in creating bridges of transition between things, but you have to start somewhere first!

The most successful actions I’ve found move you out of your head and into action as soon as possible.  You might get a job that pays the bills that you can do without a lot of stress that can act as a bridge as you explore new career paths or establish a business. You might use your current position as that bridge. You might have the money to not need a job right now, so you can take a full time job even as an unpaid apprentice to learn something yon your master list of interests, or dive into a deeper learning to establish yourself in one field of interest.

What is a good place for you to begin?

Decide. Plan it. And start!

When you get to know what things are really like as a vocation, not in your mind but in performing the work in action, you will know very quickly what is and what isn’t for you, what may be a Passion Project, what may be a business on the side and what may be the key to your Personal Empire.

I thought about doing things for a long time– being an a magazine editor, being a lawyer– you name it, I thought of it.  And, when I started to experience more of what these careers entailed in real life, seeing what was actually involved behind the scenes, not just in the glamorous moments, I realized they were definitely not for me.  The day I turned down a job at Vogue a year out of college was a pretty big turning point. I knew that what things seem like at dinner parties and what they’re like on a daily basis are distinctly different, and I shocked myself in that moment that I’ve never regretted.

That said, I get a lot of the essence of these jobs in my present career.

I do a lot of speaking and workshops, presentations and video. I do what’s akin to production design and editorial work.  I do a lot of writing.  I do a lot of personal advocacy and I’m grounded in the values I stand for in my business.

If you discover something isn’t for you as a full-time career, it’s likely that there are aspects of those career paths that you can still carry with you!

The gold — and the summary here– is that you don’t need to leave yourself behind in your life to build a life that reflects you in amazing ways.

You get to design your professional and personal life.  You’re allowed to make choices. You can always make new decisions. Your passions can still be center-stage in your life even if they aren’t a full-time job.  No effort is wasted exploring things that fascinate you.

You can be a multipassionate person and also master many crafts.

Dare to leap. Learn and explore. Build bridges to a new chapter. Recognize the value in all things you do.

Please do your best to release any stress about this process. Creativity is vital here and creativity doesn’t thrive in frustration and self-imposed pressure.

Let it be an epic journey that unfolds for you!



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