Make A Treasure Map For An Abundant Season Ahead!

Sep 13, 2022 | Prosperity

One of my favorite ways to get set up for success is to make a seasonal Treasure Map. Consider it a smaller, yet multi-faceted, vision board.

You can do this on Pinterest by creating a Pinterest board for the Season. Gather up images online to fill your board. (*this is what I do) You can also do this by gathering up images from magazines and pasting them onto a poster board.

To make your Treasure Maps really dynamic, get into the full spirit of the Season ahead– every aspect of it– on an emotional level.  Lean into your most exciting plans and desires on a rich sensory level. 

While I encourage you to try this by gathering pictures, if you find it’s a hassle at the moment, you can start by making lists on paper.

Start by considering life in Mind-Body-Spirit-Space: 

Mind: what will support your mental clarity, presence, wisdom and curiosity?
Body: what will help you to feel stronger, more radiant, more energized and balanced?
Spirit: what will help you connect to your joy, more love and a soulfulness in every day?
Space:  what will make your home feel like more of a sanctuary? 

You can include in your visualization of this upcoming season’s success: 

What you want to learn. For you, it may be learning a new language, mastering new skills and practicing crafts. For me, it’s diving into large-scale abstract painting. And, mastering a few other big topics that are becoming a larger part of my own Feng Shui practice. (*and a part of The School of Intention as a result!)

Experiences you want to have. What have you always wanted to do? What local events, trips or other life experiences are you ready for?  I’ve wanted to go apple picking for years and it’s finally happening in October!

Community — friends, family, work community, celebrations. Who do you want to see more of? What do you want to do? Is it time to start a weekly game-night for friends or meet new people at yoga class?

Personal ways you want to grow.  Are there habits you want to break and new ones to create? Are there ways you want to expand your mindset, your energy or your confidence?

Home changes you want to make.  Whether it’s diffusing essential oils in the morning or growing micro-greens in the kitchen like I am this season, making your bedroom cozier with new pillows or decluttering the closets so your seasonal wardrobe can shine, gathering images of these home changes can help set the gears in motion to bring them to life.

Make upgrades to your home right now to start activating your ideal vision for your life in the season ahead!

Start with things that are easiest to do: house cleaning, decluttering, opening windows for fresh air every day, playing your favorite music during dinner. Simple, practical actions like these set the stage for major abundance to arrive in your life.

Then, as you build momentum, bring more of your visions for your home and life into action.

This is one of the simplest ways to work with Feng Shui, and you will feel the shift with every step you take.

As you dive into the depths of Feng Shui in this empowering way, you can go even further, creating spaces that fully immerse you in how you want to feel, what you want to think and how you want to move through every day.

As you set up for success in this way, the inspiration, confidence, dynamism, opportunities, breakthroughs and every kind of awesome energy that flows with ease is unmatched. When your home becomes the greatest vision board of your life on every level– full of your intention and all of the energy you want to experience– you’ll find that you are no longer waiting to manifest things. Instead, you are living, right now, in your expanded life. Every day, all day long, you’ll be immersed in your dreams.

Gather up your gorgeous visions for the months ahead and bring them to life in this season of action!

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You can learn more and join us in The School of Intention right HERE!

I’m wishing you so much love, wellness and abundance!




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