Making Decisions That Align With Your Values Will Transform Your Life

Oct 15, 2022 | Creativity, Uncategorized

Decisions That Align With Your Values

Making decisions that align with your values is extraordinarily transformational.

Often when we talk about making a transformation, we might think of personal growth retreats, a cross country move, an extraordinary risk or something of a makeover.  They all emanate a spirit of change.

Decisions are the turning points in life that initiate all change. Even if you do go on a retreat, make a big move, take a risk or do a huge makeover–there are decisions that pre-date all of this action.  And, it’s the quality of these decisions that tends to make the biggest difference in the outcomes you get.

Now is a great time to clarify what I mean by the “quality” of a decision.   I don’t see most decisions as good or bad, especially in the context we’re talking about today. What is good and what is bad is subjective.

Instead, let’s look at what decisions most aligned with personal core values. What decisions are closest to your integrity? What decisions feel the best, even if they may not make logical sense to others? What are the choices that bring the most benefit to the greatest number of people, including you? 

When you’re faced with choices, and you’re tempted to go deep into research and analysis, 100% carry on if that feels good to do first. Get all the data. Ask questions. Look at situations from every angle. This can be a vital part of the decision-making process.

But, my humble suggestion is to not stop there. In addition to knowing the facts and figures, so to speak, you also want to stand behind your choices fully.  You want to make sure that they truly align with your values.

I have turned down many lucrative offers that would have weighed on my conscience. I’ve quit jobs because I felt I was actively being asked to do, or to help to do, things that were deeply against my core beliefs. Even thought I didn’t have the money to “turn down” these opportunities, I knew I couldn’t really afford to do them because the consequences would ruin my life. The good news: each and every time I quit or said no to something because it felt wrong to me, a new door of opportunity very quickly opened that was far superior.

When I’ve tried to convince myself that something was good to do, even though it felt wrong, the outcome wasn’t great. When I’ve followed my own path of aligned decisions, even the craziest ones have led to the best places.

Now, my own policy, whether in Feng Shui or in my personal life, is simple:  “if it feels wrong, it is wrong.”

Feel into your big decisions:

–After you have all the facts and data, get quiet and sit with things.  Resist the urge to keep talking or re-hashing as it will keep you swirling in your mind.

–How does it feel to contemplate different options? If you imagine that you’ve made the decision on way or another, how do you feel?

–If you don’t have clarity, are you willing to wait?  Can you wait? I’ve waited things out that I technically “couldn’t” wait on, and it was a great move.  Sometimes you simply can’t wait, but if you can, and you need more time, take the time. Rushing important decisions can, once again, lead you back to over-thinking rather than fully embodying a decision.

–And, finally, while this is just my opinion, if a decision to do something feels incredibly fraught with complications or worry and you can’t quite figure out why, it might be a good time to pass, at least for the moment, on that path. You may not know why– and you may never know why– but if it feels off, chances are at least some part of it is off.

Making decisions that are aligned with you will help keep your energy strong, your creativity engaged, your presence radiant and your magnetism flipped up to a high.

Do more of what feels right and it just might revolutionize your life!



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