Full Moon In Gemini 2022 Feng Shui!

Dec 4, 2022 | Feng Shui 101

full moon in gemini 2022 feng shui

The Full Moon in Gemini, December 7th, 2022, is the last Full Moon of the year and it’s a spectacular time to make wildly epic decision.  It’s also an incredible time to start preparing for super-success!

Galactic energies are super high, bringing new inspiration to every day.

Get ready to revel in amazing abundance.

P.S.: The Catalyst Camp Life De-Clutter is coming soon!

It starts with a FREE 3-Video Class  to revolutionize your clutter clearing… with lots of Feng Shui magic mixed in, too!

You can sign up HERE to get started!

Clearing clutter- even the overwhelmingly tough stuff- can – and will-  be super-fun!!!



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