Five Fun Ways To Mix Crystals Into Your Daily Routine

Dec 27, 2022 | Creativity

(Conscious Items Money Magnet Lamp)

Inspired by a fabulous gift from crystal mecca Conscious Items, I wanted to share some of the many ways I’ve been using crystals in daily life to make things more magical.

Crystals are energy amplifiers. They have so much Earthy power and grace. They can bring beauty and majesty to your life. And, as you work with them, they can sharpen your intention and bring extra life force to your days.

When you take a crystal home, before you begin to work with it you want to be sure to cleanse it of any energy it may have picked up before it arrived to you. There are many crystal cleansing methods HERE for you to explore.

Also, you’ll want to program your crystals with your intentions to create a stronger bond with them. Here is a simple way to do this:

Now, let’s look at ways to use your crystals to stir up some enchantment in your life!

The Divination Crystal Grid Set.

Crystal grids. Thanks to the magic of my students in The School of Intention, I’ve developed a passion for crystal grids. The grids that some students make are a deeply layered art form. As I ease into the practice, I can feel myself tuning in much more to the energy of the process.

When I’m working on making a big change, or working toward a big goal, I start by writing an intention on a small piece of paper. Next, I fold it up and place it in the center on a crystal grid template. Then, I select the crystals I want to work with. By using a crystal grid kit, you’ll have all the crystals you need to create a fabulous grid. By placing crystals in a pattern around the centerpiece stone that covers my intention, you’re circling your desires in more energy. I have the grid pictured above on my mantle and I’m about to refresh it with a new intention!

(Energy Muse purple selenite palm stones are amazing.)

Holding onto a crystal for grounding.  I have taken to carrying a crystal in my pocket, purse and car to hold as a way to tap into the power of the Earth. I love stones like the ones pictured above as they are smooth, large enough to feel substantial, and really satisfying to hold when I need to feel more present and grounded.

Write with crystal energy. My Self-Cleansing Crystal Pens are something far more extraordinary than I could have ever imagined. I loved using thing them to write wish lists and to do  I will say this: they look amazing. But, the ink in these ran out really fast, and I struggle to figure out how to refill them. I would love to wrap a crystal around a pencil to write, as it is amazing to write in this way.  I like to write with a crystal beside me, and that’s another way to get this crystal writing fusion.

(Vita Juwel Crystal Water Decanter)

Crystal Water.  There are so many ways to drink crystal water. There are pre-made flasks with crystals like amethyst built into the glass flask itself. This is a wonderful way to experience the energy of crystals in your water without having the crystals directly in your water. This is my method if I’m drinking the water.  You can add a natural crystal that is water safe (quartz, amethyst) to a jar full of water and leave it in the sun for a few hours.  You can use this  water in baths!

Crystal lamps. My Intuition Lamp plugs into my computer via USB. It’s small but glowing. It’s full of fiery, illuminating vibes. I love all crystal lamps that are well made. You can find fabulous selenite, citrine and quartz lamps of all shapes and sizes.

This is just the start. You can incorporate crystals into your beauty, wellness, fitness, art and energy routines in creative ways. I hope this inspires you to get started.

Always, when you’re working with crystals or any form of energy, it’s most important to follow your feelings and trust in your intuition. High vibe activities, by their nature, are joyful and creative, not stressful or difficult.  So, lean into the fun and stir more magic into your life!




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