Get Ready To Make Breakthroughs In 2023!

Dec 30, 2022 | Creativity

If you’re ready for a very NEW New Year, you’re going to love 2023.

Just about every theme of this year ahead is about personal power and positive change. From the color of the year to the numerology of the year, the new Lunar year and the shifts of astrology– big breakthroughs are waiting for you.

And, the year ahead starts in one of the best ways I could imagine: Mercury is Retrograde and tuned to the energy of Venus.

Why is this so amazing?

It’s an ideal time to recharge and make upgrades –at home and in life– that bring you more beauty, harmony, peace, money, and love.

Lean into this revitalizing energy and jump-start your own personal revolution!

Trust your instincts. 

This year is very much about you. You are the biggest source of luck and magic in your life.

If you want to learn to trust your inner guidance, instincts, and intuition:

–Clear any and all heavy energy out of your home.  As you do this, you remove static and confusion from your life. Video One of the Feng Shui Decluttering series is full of cutting-edge Energy Clearing methods you can try today.

–Clear clutter.  Decluttering removes “blocks” of all kinds from your life.

–Practice following how you feel. Dress in ways that feel best to you, take the creative leaps that are the most exciting, sleep more when you need it…

As you follow your feelings, you’ll be led in some of the most life-changing directions.

Slow down and sink into the details of every moment. 

If you’re used to rushing, multi-tasking, or overloading your days in ways that feel stressful, slowing down can be absolutely transformational.

As you take more breaks and pace yourself, you’ll find so much more inspiration, passion, and the perfect finishing touches for the projects you’re working on.  Slowing down is a big way to level up your life.

Start dreaming big AND planning in big ways. 

Make lists of your goals and dreams for the year. Then, start making plans!

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry famously said, A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

In my experience, this is very true.

I used to think that making plans would ruin my creativity and squash spontaneous spirit. Instead, I worked like crazy, lived in confusion, and accomplished very little.  Planning is now one of the most important things I do.

Next Sunday, we kick things off in The Catalyst Camp with a New Year Visioning Workshop to start planning the year with Feng Shui in the most creative and effective ways.

You can start right now.  Pick a goal on your list and write out the steps you know you need to take to get things done. If you don’t know where to begin, start researching. Watch videos. Read books. Ask questions. Brainstorm. Then, make a plan that moves you into inspired action!

Planning can be the secret to supercharging your manifesting power.

Empower yourself. Believe in yourself. Enjoy yourself. And, design your life in ways that make you feel amazing! 

The Catalyst Camp Feng Shui Home and Life Declutter starts on Monday, January 2nd, 2023.

We’re starting the year with eight weeks of Feng Shui to declutter your home and life in practical ways that feel like magic.

But, clearing clutter is just one aspect of The Catalyst Camp.

For eight weeks, you’ll be focused on designing new habits, patterns and high vibes that support you in bringing your dreams to life. As you let go of clutter, you’ll open doors to new wealth, opportunity, peace, power, and magnetism.

The better you feel, the more you’ll manifest. The more confidence you have, the more creative you’ll be. The clarity you gain will bring you infinite possibilities.

Week One of The Catalyst Camp is open early and waiting for you now.

And, there are just a few days left to join in before we begin!

Join us HERE!



P.S.: Many of you have asked for a Payment Plan, and you’ll find it linked at the bottom of this page!


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