Numerology For The Universal Year 7 In 2023

Dec 31, 2022 | Feng Shui 101

numerology universal year 7

Today, my sister,  Nicole Claudat, is sharing the numerology of the Universal Year 7, the number of 2023. If you’d like to work with her on your own numerology — and many of the associated energy modalities she’s mastered– you can reach out to me at and I’ll connect you!  Now, I’ll turn it over to Nicole to guide us into the Universal Year 7!

In numerology, each year carries an overarching energy or vibration that blankets the collective worldwide.  The Universal Year number represents the energy we’ll be operating in and with, and illuminates the most advantageous ways to take action and manifest in the year ahead.

The upcoming Universal Year is the number 7.  The calculation is derived by adding up all of the single digits in the number 2023. (2+0+2+3 = 7)  The 7 Universal Year energy is introspective, wise, deep, curious, spiritual and self-reliant.  The energy of the number 7 is revelatory – where deception and dishonesty are unveiled and authenticity and truths are esteemed and favored.   There is unmatched depth and courage in the vibration of the number 7, for it seeks to understand what lies beneath the surfaced veneer of what appears to be, and questions long held personal beliefs and values that may be limiting progress forward.  This requires one to be open to all answers they will uncover, and to judge less and understand more.

Knowledge, intuition and spirituality will reign supreme!

If there are subjects you’ve been wanting to delve into deeply … dive in!  Our personalized knowledge base is defining, powerful and self-sustaining.  Building upon what we know and understand is within itself a personal expression of who we are at our core.  What we choose to know and learn about deeply connects us to our penchants, motivators and passions.

This year is calling on us all to step into the truest versions of ourselves more and more, and honor and listen to our own inner guidance, nudges and hunches.  Actions that are driven by our own inner compass move us in personal ways – ways that align us to our highest potentials.  It requires unwavering trust in yourself and reverence for the Universal subtle energies guiding you forward.

So, how can you flow more within this super rich energy?

Unraveling Beliefs That Are Holding You Back:

Our unconscious mind houses our limiting beliefs.   Our interpretation of painful experiences (most likely from childhood) and the meanings we developed about ourselves and/or the world from those experiences, form into beliefs that determine what we perceive as possible for ourselves, and can create glass ceilings over our potential.

What are your limiting beliefs? A great way to figure this out it is to bring to mind something you’ve desired to do or work towards, but haven’t started on yet.  What is your reasoning or justification for not doing this particular thing?  You can even free-write or journal about an area of your life where you are experiencing frustration around not getting what you desire.  Explore your reasoning as to why you don’t have it.

Once you have your belief, you can ask yourself the following questions:

What purpose has this belief served in my life?  Even the most limiting of beliefs can serve us in positive ways. Did this belief push you to work harder?  Did it make you more conscientious?  Did it veer you towards decisions you made that you are thankful for?

How is it currently holding you back from what you desire? Is this belief draining your energy?  Is it creating fear? Stress?

Now come up with evidence that negates its truth.  For example, if your limiting belief is that you, “aren’t good enough” – write out examples of times you excelled at something.  These beliefs can always be refuted and are never 100% true.

Aligning with Your Personal Values

Our values are important factors in how we think, make decisions and ultimately how we carry ourselves through our life.  They are among the many things that make each one of us unique and special, and acting in alignment with them creates a sense of personal honor, self-trust and builds our self-value.  Some of our values have been instilled in us through our family, our teachers and society.  Personal values can change over time as we grow and evolve.

What are your personal values at this point in your life? Do you value generosity, courage, family time, laughter, connecting with friends…?

A great tip to help you see your true values is to look at what you admire most in the people you are surrounded by.  Do you love the dependability of your friends?  Their generous nature?  Their child-like spirit?  Optimism?

You can also look at what type of stories inspire you?  Are you drawn to stories about kindness and giving to those in need?  Do stories of personal triumph move you deeply?

Once you have your list of your personal values, brainstorm and see how you can live by your values more throughout your day.

Acquiring Wisdom and Mastery

It’s always a great time to learn more about the subjects you love, and the Universal 7 year is an ideal time to go deeper into these topics.

Is there something that you love learning about, but have only scratched the surface?  Can you get more books on this subject, or take an in-person or online class to learn more?

Spending some time each day immersed in subjects that are alluring to you creates a greater connection to yourself, and is a huge generator of passionate energy.

If you feel inspired, you can take this to the next level and apply this wisdom to your life.

You can ask yourself: How can I take actions in my daily life inspired by this wisdom?  It might be growing a garden, mindfulness practices … whatever it may be  – get creative and discover ways to live more with your days inspired by the wisdom you are drawn to.

Intuition & Inner-Guidance

Getting calm, centered and grounded is one of the first steps in connecting to your higher guidance.  This helps drown out the chatter of your mind, and allows for pure intuitive insights to flow in.

Here’s one great way to get  yes/no intuitive answers:

Find a place that is quiet, where you won’t be interrupted. Get into a comfortable position, and place one hand over your heart center, and the other hand over your forehead.  Begin to take slow comfortable breaths – slow enough to bring your body into a state of relaxation, while not straining or causing discomfort.   Imagine the flow of your breath moving in and out of your heart center.  You can do this for a minute or so.

When you feel centered and relaxed, consciously choose to connect to your higher-self or your spirit guides, or God / Source energy – or whatever you believe to be the highest most pure energy available to you. Now, say your question 3 times out loud (or to yourself) and feel into the sensations of your body.  Generally, answers can show up in your forehead, throat and stomach.  A “no” is usually indicated by tightness and tension in an area, and a “yes” usually feels expansive and open – you might even feel a release of tension.  To test this, you can ask a question that you feel is a non-negotiable “no” and see how this comes up for you.

Taking this a step further, you can ask deeper questions and just listen for insights, visions and downloads.  Keep a journal nearby, and write down everything you see, hear and feel.

I’m wishing you so much happiness, love and prosperity in the year ahead!

Much Love,



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