4 Ways To Simplify At Home To Supercharge Your Life!

Feb 9, 2023 | Creativity

If you’ve been losing motivation, find it hard to focus, feel stuck or uninspired, there are infinite ways to simplify your home and supercharge your life in the process. Today, I’ll share my favorite Feng Shui ways to make your space lighter, easier to navigate and so much more supportive!

Clearing clutter has to be first on the list because it’s the ever-present cause of creative blocks and symptom of creative blocks, depending on your personal situation. Letting go of clutter will always make your home life better, and if you need more motivation, this video is for you:

Make small functional updates at home. I am about to purchase a stainless steel sponge-holder for my kitchen sink. This may have seemed frivolous to me 10 years ago, but now, it’s a true upgrade that will make my sink function so much more elegantly and smoothly. Do you need a pen holder for your desk? A mirror for your shower? A step stool in the laundry room? A brighter light on the back porch?

My experience has been this: small and intentional updates are unbelievably powerful. You’re investing in making your life better and that energy will echo through everything you do!

See less in spaces where you need to focus. As much as I love the piles of crystals and big cups full of pens on my desk, I can’t live with them any more. They are always in my peripheral vision and, to be honest, it’s annoying. I need clear space to focus when I’m at my desk. You may need to clear the decks in the kitchen to be able to focus while cooking. Or, you may need to declutter your car to put critical focus on driving. Focus is vital and it will make you more present, effective, and efficient.

simplify your home

Make lists to manage your house. The best estate managers in Hollywood have a list of tasks that need to be done daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly in the homes they manage. Apply this to your own home with ease. Make a schedule for the year. Set recurring appointments weekly for housecleaning and landscaping, monthly appointments for any maintenance that’s needed, and even yearly appointments for inspections, changing batteries, refreshing emergency kits and other important tasks. You’ll be so “on top of things” that this energy will pervade into all aspects of life.

None of this is difficult in and of itself. It’s a Feng Shui practice that starts the moment that you realize how big and important a role your environment plays in all aspects of your life. Your space is the often-overlooked key that can unlock more power and growth in your life. Dive in and make changes at home that feel good to begin, and you’ll see the greatness that unfolds as you clear your mind and bring more creative super-flow to every day!



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