Investing In Yourself Is The Greatest Investment!

Apr 8, 2023 | Creativity

investing in yourself

Every year during tax season, I am reminded that investing in yourself is the greatest investment. It’s certainly the greatest investment I have ever made. This is true on a financially as well as  mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

Years ago, I poured every extra bit of energy and money I had into funding this passion project. Yes, this Feng Shui in full– every bit of the method and even this blog at its conception– was a passion project. I didn’t accept money for years for my consultations. I did them because they were wildly exciting and I could test new ways of working with willing clients. I posted on Tumblr and started this blog, writing and creating content for the pure joy of it all. At some point it became clear that I created a business, but that was not clear when I started. This passion project was an investment in myself. It brought me incredible joy, purpose, fulfillment, and endless excitement.

That investment paid off in the biggest ways.

investing in yourself

I’ve seen this time and time again.

13 years ago I trained for the LA Marathon with a passion. It was a huge stretch of my fitness level, but I got strong. It was the greatest fortune that I got strong because I wound up getting sick for two weeks in the hospital and that fitness training was the key to my quick and powerful recovery. Had I not been as strong, that whole era of my life would have looked very different.

A little over a decade ago I found myself with enormous financial responsibilities I never expected, and I didn’t have lots of extra money to invest in traditional ways.  But, I devoted my time and heart to projects that have brought me more wealth in all ways than small investments in the stock market ever could.

Then, about 6 years ago, I decided to move from one rented duplex to another in Los Angeles. It was worthwhile because the house was about to be doused in poisonous gasses by its owner.  While it was risky and inconvenient to move within 15 days, I knew it was the greatest investment I could make in myself and the wellness of my family. I was scrambling so fast that I forgot to buy the bitcoin I had just learned about, and I was so upset because it’s price shot through the roof days just days after I finally settled into my new home and remembered to check on it. By moving, I saved nearly $65,000 to date, which is far more than I would have made on the small amount of bitcoin I would have purchased at that time. My new house is also bigger and far better in every way.

These are just a few examples of at least forty that I’ve counted in my own life that prove this concept out for me– investing in yourself if the greatest investment. And, I bet you might have a few proofs of this concept for yourself, too.

Self-care, following passions, honoring yourself, trusting intuition, spending precious time in ways that are thrilling– these are investments I will put on equal footing with saving and investing money in traditional ways, which is also very important.  And, in my experience, these investments in yourself turn out to be the most prosperous investments.

If it brings you more skill, more joy, enhances your talents, makes you feel better physically, clears your mind, or expands your heart– it’s so worth exploring, whatever it is!

I’m off to locate some giant canvasses to make huge paintings, the next step in my latest creative obsession. And, with that, I’m wishing you so much joy in diving into a higher level of your own self-investment!



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