A Brilliant Introduction To The Aries Solar Eclipse And 2023 Eclipse Season!

Apr 10, 2023 | Feng Shui 101

solar eclipse april 2023

Eclipse Season is here, and it’s amazing to make big breakthroughs! Today, I’m so excited to share brilliant astrologer Jim Seymour‘s introduction to our first eclipse this year. I met Jim through his partner who is a member of The Feng Shui School of Intention, and when he did an astrology reading for me, it was a revelation. I couldn’t be more excited to get a glimpse into this season of change-making ahead, and I’ll turn it over to Jim to fill us in on the first solar eclipse!

Aries Solar Eclipse: Acting in Alignment

For most people, eclipses come and go without much notice.  But since time immemorial, the ancients have always known that eclipses are much ​more ​than meets the eye. In fact, modern research has shown that during an eclipse, electromagnetic fields significantly increase in magnitude. Interestingly, the greatest increases are measured near sacred sites, holy places of pilgrimage, energy vortexes and other power centers of the world! 

Modern physics is now confirming the ancient view that consciousness is the background of the cosmos. I invite you on a journey to behold the miraculous and inconceivable; where awe and reverence for our Mystical Mother Nature is the only prerequisite. 

On April 19th and 20th, the 2023 Eclipse Season kicks off with a Solar event in the final degree of Aries. This 29th degree of any sign is what Astrologers call the anaretic or critical degree. This powerful placement indicates the potential for strong impulses, pivotal moments, culminating realizations and new life directions.  If we zoom our lens out a bit, we see that eclipses occur in a repeating 19 year pattern known as the “Saros Cycle.”  So that we might know the general themes of this eclipse in our own experience, think back to the Spring of 2004, and see if you can remember the major life trends that were happening for you at that time.  A Solar Eclipse occurred on April 19th 2004 at this exact same degree of Aries, so any significant events can offer hints as to what this eclipse might potentially signify.  

Every sign of the zodiac has a key phrase that sums up its archetypal potentials, and for Aries, it’s “I AM!”  So if we’re coming from a grounded and centered space, an Aries Solar Eclipse can assist us in bringing forth the higher potentials of this Mars-ruled, cardinal fire of sign of the Ram; including being more authentic, chivalrous, courageous and straightforward. Aligning our intentions with those of the greater good will definitely elevate our angle of vision, thus inspiring fresh starts for our lives yielding positive outcomes!  Since this eclipse falls so close to the North Node of Destiny, it will favor and support furthering our growth and personal development, learning something new, etc. Part of self-mastery entails not only knowing our limitations, but also the types of things of which we’re naturally capable.  This will increase our ability to discern the ideal from the real. That said, an eclipse may inspire us- or pressure us- depending on our immediate needs, but accurate self-knowledge will prove to be the golden key.  

solar eclips april 2023

This eclipse forms a tight, 90 degree square to transformational Pluto- who recently ingressed the zero degree of Aquarius- suggesting that there may be obstacles to clear as we navigate issues with computer technology, or any lingering impediments from our earlier efforts.  Not a problem, for this eclipse also conjuncts Jupiter, who bestows the gift of wisdom through action, the faith to expand our resourcefulness, the vision to see the big picture and of course, encouraging the all-important sense of humor! 

Since Aries is associated with strong “I need to be first” impulses, it will be equally important to avoid jumping to conclusions, or worse, advancing our interests without considering the feelings and needs of others.  There’s a big difference between asserting ourselves from a humble place of confidence, and brashly forcing a selfish agenda, potentially alienating the very people upon whom we might depend down the track!  

With all the anticipation ​that ​surround​s​ eclipse season, it behooves us to remember that there are always two things to consider at any moment; the circumstances in which we find ourselves, and our perceptions of those circumstances.  Obviously, we can’t control what happens around us; but with practice, we can control how we respond to what happens.  I have an Aries Rising in my own chart, so I like to call this my energy management practice.  It’s all about the ways in which we can best utilize our internal, vital life force.  Some cultures call this energy Chi or Prana, but the fact remains:  there’s only so much soul-generated vitality available to us in each passing day.  So naturally, the individual responses to eclipse potentials will show up relative to one’s state of conscious awareness.  Still, it’s common for a person to have some kind of breakthrough during the EFI, or the Eclipse Field of Influence.  Our potentials get activated later on, by planetary transits as they cross the eclipse degree, and this process can extend for weeks, months or even years afterward.  

At any rate, one of the benefits of knowing a little astrology is how it allows us to harmonize our lives with the greater life of the cosmos, which is actually a giant time machine.  All of our earth-bound measurements of time are derived from the movements of the planets.  So as this offering draws to a close, I humbly invite you to pause, sit comfortably, relax your gaze and breathe deeply.  With great gratitude, we humbly reflect upon how we’ve all been loved into being, by all the benevolent souls! Our teachers, mentors, coaches, spirit guides and all the loving ancestors from our collective past, who left behind the vast wisdom and mystical knowledge that’s always available to guide and inspire us.  So even now, we can tune in carefully to hear the Vernal Equinox energies of Aries, speaking through Mars, the warrior-sage of desire, still vibrating for countless aeons in the etheric field: “You are what your deep driving desire is.  As your desire is, so is your thought.  As your thoughts are, so is your will.  As your will is, so is your deed, and as your deeds are, so becomes your destiny.” 

Indeed, all the great wisdom traditions of the world forever advise; “When the world speeds up…..slow down.”  As always, I’m wishing everyone the very best!  

Thank you so much Jim for sharing your wisdom, you are amazing! 

You can learn more about Jim Seymour, and book an astrology reading with him– which I highly recommend–  right here.

You can also follow him on Linked In, Instagram, and Facebook.

xoxo!!! Dana


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