Daily Feng Shui Energy Shifts To Level Up Your Life!

May 4, 2023 | Creativity

feng shui to level up your life

Today’s Feng Shui to level up your life with starts with two simple statements:

There’s always a way to create things that are bigger, bolder, brighter, and better.

If you want new things, you need to do new things.

I rarely speak in absolute terms in any way when talking about Feng Shui or any other facet of life because we are all so unique and individual. But I’ve seen these two statements hold true in so many ways, across the boards, with so many different people, that we’ll use them as more universal themes today.

Before launching into major life changes, it’s important to have the energy for them.

Right now, I just finished two major creative marathons and I have a third one on the near horizon. Today, I’m not ready for that big leap into action. It took me many many years to allow myself time to totally relax and restore myself between huge cycles of action. I was too afraid to lose momentum. I was too scared that if I took a pause I would lose ground. I was too caught up in the idea that action was the only valuable thing I could do for myself, my work, and my life overall.

I used to force myself to keep going until I reached real exhaustion as that was the only way I could justify taking breaks. Over time, the exhaustion became harder and harder to overcome. I experienced months where 16 hours of sleep wasn’t enough. I dared to take a break without guilt or anxiety. It kicked off seasons full of the most vibrant creative breakthroughs. It was a key to abundance.

So, if you want to start a new wave of greatness in any area of life, rest first. And, rest throughout the process.

Here’s more about the prosperous benefits of relaxation:

Now, if you want to create bigger, brighter, and bolder, and better things, get yourself into a state of constant growth and experimentation.

Do research. Learn more. Try out small new ideas that bring more attention to the details of what you’re doing. Keep building on these small enhancements every day.

This is the premise of James Clear’s book Atomic Habits and it can change your life in easy ways.

To give you a simple example: if you’re looking to master your yoga practice, rather than doing hundreds of hours of intensive training all at once, perhaps you start by learning a new way to refine your breathing technique as you move. Or, you get a new mat that is more cushioned and makes it easier. Then, you get clear on the details of each posture, one by one, so that you’re more mindful in your movement. And, from there, you many find you’re ready to learn more and experiment in new ways.

Being in this mindset of continual refinement can help you to stretch into the bigger, bolder, and better every day, without stress.

feng shui to level up your life

Next, commit to new things. 

Any big leap forward in life that you’re looking for likely looks, feels, and is very different from the status quo of your life today.

There are a few easy ways to shake things up and open life to this new energy.

–See new things in your environment. When you see new things, you will receive new input from your environment that will prompt you to think in new ways, act in new ways and create in new ways. Restyle a shelf. Put new books on your coffee table. These actions can be the start of seismic shifts!

–Read/watch/and talk about new things. What you repeatedly experience will have an impact on your outlook, your clarity, your focus, and even your sense of possibility. Magic happens when you decide to curate the words you use and the things that you read about, talk about, and think about. The goal is not to be “perfectly optimistic” but, rather, to be expanded, lighter, and more aligned with what brings you joy.

–Make fresh choices, moment-by-moment, every day.  When you’re in a cycle that’s repetitive, you can forget that you have choices— but, you do!  You can choose to do new things every day.  Today, I am choosing to take a bath in the afternoon, and yesterday I choose to make a second dinner late at night. This might seem like no big deal, but both are very different from the usual. It’s that difference that moves every in new ways!

As you shake up life in novel and fun ways, it becomes easier to follow your feelings. You’ll find that you’re lit up with more inspiration, curiosity, and a sprit of greater adventure. Things do get bigger, brighter, and better.  They become fresher.  You feel more magnetic. And, as your energy field expands, all those next-level experiences and waves of abundance start to take shape for you!

Here’s to the excellence ahead!




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