How Can You Get Creatively Unstuck When You Can’t Figure Out How It Happened?

May 11, 2023 | Creativity

get unstuck

How can you get creatively unstuck when you have no idea how you landed in the blank-minded, unmotivated, uninterested, potentially-frustrating place of being blocked?

In nearly two decades of experience working with people who feel blocked– and double that time experiencing these waves of creative emptiness myself– I’ve come to see that “trying to figure out” exactly why it happened can be futile. Chances are, you’ll know more about exactly why it happened when you’re inspired and in the flow of life again. Trying to “figure it out” in the midst of feeling stuck can lead you into a down spiral, focusing on things in your recent past that went wrong or aren’t satisfying, and those topics are rarely going to move you to create a masterpiece.  Also, knowing why creative blocks happened is rarely going to help you to get unstuck.

Right now, if you’re sitting in a creative block, it’s time to shake things up and emerge with your full genius on display!

get unstuck

Here are three energy shifting strategies I’ve found to be incredibly helpful when I’m flat out of motivation and passion.

Clean things: Housecleaning is practical, it’s transformational, it’s instantly rewarding, and it also clear stagnant energy from your home and life. Rather than idly sitting and bemoaning my lack of motivation, I started to scrub, polish, and clean things instead. I even keep these epic L’Avant Collective eco-friendly plant-based cleaning wipes in my car if I need a reset for my space and energy while I’m running errands.

Deeply rest: If you want more creative flow, that often requires more energy. And, even if you’re not exhausted physically, you may need the mental rest of more sleep or more quiet downtime.

Do energy rituals that help you to feel more open-hearted and receptive:  Creative electricity is quite cosmic in nature, like a current from the universe that flows through us. Any rituals you do that help you to quiet your mind and open your energy to receive will be excellent. For example, you might do moon rituals monthly, create crystal grids, burn incense and meditate every day, or make yourself some tea while you sit with your journal and express yourself.

The key I’ve found is to approach all of the above with no expectation or force. No matter how hard I’ve tried in the past I haven’t successfully pushed and willed myself back to my most brilliant state of being when I’ve been creatively blocked. Experiment with an easy, step-by-step, pressure-free approach; it can work like magic to make your road back to creative genius fun and fulfilling.

While there are infinite numbers of techniques you can use to rev up your engines and unlock even more of your manifesting power, these basics may be all you need to get into your most powerful flow!

Here’s to your radical joy, self-expression, and magnetism!



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