6 Feng Shui Tips To Restore Your Creativity And Magnetism!

Jul 18, 2023 | Creativity

revitalize your creativity

Are you ready to restore your creativity and magnetism, stepping into a mindset and energy that’s incredibly irresistible?

Since Bob left this Earth weeks ago, and for the many weeks before he became an angel, I struggled to do anything but survive outside of my single-minded focus on him.  I’d repeat every moment a million times over, and I’m grateful for every second. But, I had no idea how to create from this place of such overwhelming loss. My mind couldn’t conceive of how to make life happen again. Because I feel and even hear Bob cheering me on in every cell of my body, I decided I would turn my own magic back on… somehow.

After big challenges, loss, disappointment, and turmoil, it can feel unfamiliar to allow abundance and joy to flow freely. If you feel blocked in some way, this sentiment might resonate with you.

You can still find that freedom to thrive again.

I had no conception of my own vast energy, creative power, and self-expression that were untapped, and I’m learning to get familiar with them by letting them flow.  Part of that flow includes following instincts instead of societal programming about how I should think, feel, or behave. It includes rejecting self-induced stress and resting more. It also includes a lot of love.

This Feng Shui practice is built on a foundation of connection. Connection is a facet of love– the love you have for every minute of the day, the love you have for yourself, and the love you have to share with the world.

Shifting the energy around me has helped me lean into this new chapter of life that’s guided by eternal love and more purpose than I’ve ever felt before. And, if you’re looking to restore your own creativity and magnetism, turning your magic way up to a higher octave, these Feng Shui shifts and energy upgrades may seem out of the ordinary but can prove to be extraordinary.

higher level of abundance

See morning sunlight.  Morning light resets your mood, recalibrating your natural rhythms in harmony with nature. Morning light will also give you a dose of color therapy, showering you in a rainbow spectrum of energy. Even if it’s a cloudy day, open your blinds and curtains and let the light beam into your home.

Clear away what isn’t serving you.  Decluttering is a universal tool to unblock your creativity and lighten your life. It’s emotional, energetic, and physical cleansing. There are even mystical benefits like surges of fresh ideas, new opportunities that spring forth, and so much prosperity that gets awakened as you dump clutter from your space.

Access your intuition. When life falls far out of alignment for any reason, it can be challenging to trust your instincts and hear the infinite wisdom of your intuition. Journalling can help you channel your inner guidance and instinct onto paper every day.

Every day, you can free-write a few pages in a journal, writing without thinking or editing yourself.  Once you’re in the flow of writing, ask a question you’d like some guidance with. For example, you might write down, “What can I do to make my job easier?”  Now, without any thinking or editing, let the answers move through your pen.  Write everything down, even if you don’t understand it all. Afterward, you can reflect on this intuitive advice and see how it can help inspire you to make breakthroughs.

Maintaining this sense of trust in yourself and your judgement is a superpower.

Break your routines to create a new flow. Take a step every day to shake up your current habits. You might decide to get outside to workout every day instead of dragging yourself to the gym classes that you now find boring. Maybe you create a new morning ritual. Or, you start new hobbies. You might even decide to watch TV instead of watching social media. There’s no value judgement placed here on what you decide to do– the key is that it is new, different, and enjoyable!

Update systems. New organization creates new flow in all of life. You can redo your file cabinets or revamp your bookshelves, pantry, or closets. You might try a new planner to organize your days in new ways. Or, you can do what I’m doing right now and upgrade all the operating systems and apps on your digital devices.

Take a creative risk every single day. While doing new things to interrupt the usual patterns of your day can be a fantastic way to shake things up and find new inspiration, taking creative risks every day will build confident momentum in your life.

Creative risks can be as simple and exciting as dressing up in new ways, trying a new hairstyle, taking a new class as a hobby, or joining a group that you’re passionate about.  They can be as bold as launching a new business, creating a blog to start sharing your gifts with the world, going back to school, or having important conversations that are long overdue.

I’m not advocating for you to turn your life upside down with massive changes every single day.  But, I am urging you to bring more of your heart, soul, talents, gifts, unique perspective, and genius to life every single day in at least one powerful and personal way.

You’ll know when you’re taking creative risks because you’ll feel the mix of engagement, pride, and fulfillment in the process– and yes, sometimes, a little fear, too.  That edge of brilliance is well worth exploring. It’s the space where dreams spring to life.

I’m wishing you days full of dynamism, infinite possibility, endless love, and massive abundance!



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