10 Signs Of Energy Drains In Your Life + How To Fix Them!

Aug 6, 2023 | Prosperity

eliminate energy drains

Whenever someone asks me how to overcome money blocks or creative blocks or limiting beliefs, my first thought to kick off the transformation is almost always this one: eliminate energy drains from your life. 

It’s very difficult to make radical life shifts when you’re dragging yourself through the day, and it’s especially hard if you’re embroiled in toxic situations or find yourself attached to energy vampires.

It might not be the full-stop solution to your situation, but it’s such an important thing to do if you want to make lasting progress.

Think about it: if your habits, home, life, work, relationships, or other aspects of life are draining you and you set out to make changes without taking care of the energy drains, it’s like pouring water into a vase with small holes in it. Everything leaks out slowly but surely. A mess is made. The flowers in the vase will wilt. No matter how much more water you add, the same thing will inevitably happen until the leaks are fixed in the vase.

I’ve seen these more common signs of drained energy hundreds of times for myself, friends, family, and clients. Please keep in mind, many of these signs could absolutely be attributed to other causes. But, you will never go wrong by taking steps to replenish your energy!

Are you experiencing many– or any–  of these things?

1. Exhaustion for no clear reason, especially after certain activities that don’t require a lot of energy.

2. Unfinished projects everywhere.

3. Showing up late or otherwise forgetting about things on your schedule that you need to do.

4. Arguments and general malaise about relationships and socializing.

5. No excitement, as though the world has lost its sparkle.

6. Feeling up and down swings of motivation and mindset.

7. Overwhelm that comes on quickly, even when the situation isn’t that important or difficult to navigate.

8. Creative slumps or total blocks.

9. There’s a lot of force involved in life. Nothing seems to go smoothly or come together easily.

10. Way too many mishaps and ongoing drama.

eliminate energy vampires

If you realize you do have people, places, or situations that are draining your energy, you can turn that around starting right now:

1. Handle the draining situation. This can take some time, depending on what the issue is that you find.

For example, if you realize that a commitment to a club or membership in a group is not a good fit for you, that’s an easy fix. You can leave the group pretty swiftly in many cases.

But, if it’s your job that’s intolerably draining, it may take more time to find a new job and leave.  If you have a situation that will take some time to mend, that doesn’t mean you can’t make your situation far better in the meantime.

The next two ideas can be life-changing.

2. Double down on self-care. Self-care is truly empowering. It’s how you revitalize yourself.

Here’s the thing about self-care when you’re truly burned out and drained: it pays to do two or three times more than you need and don’t quit the moment you feel revived. When you’re depleted, give yourself extra months of profound self-care, long after you feel it’s a “need.” The goal here is to fully revive your energy, balance your life, and instill new patterns into your energy field that helps you to stay strong and vibrant.

3. Remove all the energy drains from your home! Your home is an extension of your energy field. Everything you do for your home’s energy will profoundly impact your life.

Energy drains you can easily remove from your home include clutter and broken items. You can deep clean. You can let more sunshine flow into your space. 

And, if you want to take this process to a higher level, truly putting an end to the energy drains, you can start the FREE Money Feng Shui Class.  It’s the introduction to this season’s Cash Camp Wealth Feng Shui immersion, and it’s a big energizer in and of itself. You can sign up HERE to start the FREE Money Feng Shui Class right now, and I hope you love it all!

Whatever you do, know that you deserve abundant joy, peace, and well-being. The more you choose to feel incredible, the more you’ll repel the energy drains and continue to soar!




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