Reclaim And Amplify Your Creative Genius In The Season Ahead!

Aug 29, 2023 | Creativity

reclaim your magic

Your creative genius can absolutely soar in the season ahead, whether that means you’ll be reclaiming that genius where it’s been blocked, or you’ll be taking your genius to a higher level that ever before.

To ignite creativity in bigger ways, let’s start with Picasso’s famous quote: “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”

Everything we’re going to explore today hinges on this idea that you won’t always be wildly inspired before you get started. Sometimes the muses arrive when you’re typing and erasing the same five lines on a word document for a few hours. Sometimes divine downloads from the Universe arrive when you’re headed to the pottery class you didn’t feel motivated to take, or after you send some emails that you had to push yourself to finally write and send.

Essentially, the romanticized idea of creativity as a fountain of endless bliss and laser-sharp focus every minute of your life isn’t real. You probably know this already, like I do, yet you may still have still put off making and doing things because you’re not “inspired yet”, just like I have.

This season, let’s challenge this old programming and become super-creators!

First, let’s start by innovating at home and in your office if you have one. This entire method of Feng Shui is unique, and it’s a creative catalyst like none other that I’ve found.

To start this creative revival and expansion, clear some clutter. It’s one of the most basic energy shifts that will shore up the power of your environment while it opens doors to fresh inspiration.

To take it further, you can make small changes in your environment that wake up the flow of energy in your life. This video can help you get started:

Now, you’re likely feeling lighter and more expanded, even if you just did a few minutes of clutter clearing for a day or two. It gets the engines revved up a bit. You still may not be wildly inspired every minute of the day and that’s not the goal, but, chances are, you’re in a good place to dream big.

Most importantly, dial your entire nervous system down a whole lot. 

I know that being stressed, somewhat frantic, under pressure, and wildly busy has entered the mass consciousness as the ultimate proof that you’re working hard enough that you’re on the edge of a meltdown, it’s really not a recipe for success at all.

When you learn to regulate and downshift your nervous system a bit more, you can trade tension for flow-state genius. Every cell in your body is illuminated with more life force. You’ll feel it profoundly.

This is so important in my world and my work that we will start The School of Intention Feng Shui Certification this year with a profound practice or lifestyle and home adjustments that create an entire personal energy reset.

Right now you can begin by opening some windows and allowing yourself to take a few rounds of deep breaths.  If you’re so inclined, try some “box breathing” where you comfortably inhale for 4 counts, hold that inhale comfortably for 4 counts, exhale comfortably for 4 counts, then pause for four comfortable counts before inhaling again. It can help you to relax in a matter of minutes.

You can also try this Vagus Nerve Massage. Once you learn the technique, it’s easy to do this anywhere, at any time.

Pull together a mood board or vision board for yourself.

One of the easiest ways is to start a Pinterest board and use it to collect all the most dreamy images of the colors, fashion, activities, recipes, quotes, people, and objects that factor into the next chapter of your life. When pictures hit my private Pinterest boards, they often manifest so fast I have to keep updating the board to keep it interesting!

And, decide on a few priorities — or one big one– where you’ll sink your heart and soul into making things excellent. 

The key that I’ve found here is to force nothing and allow every moment to be whatever it is. Whether it’s frustrating or spectacular, let every moment and every emotion move freely.

I’ve sat and cried while writing the best work that’s on this blog. I’ve been terrified and delivered the best performances. I’ve also been sad and stopped myself from showing up to make things happen. I’ve let fear shut me down.

We might not get to decide how we feel at every moment but we do get to choose what we do with those emotions.

My suggestion is to use them all. It’s all a big part of your greatness.

Show up fully and push your creative boundaries by saying YES to the things you don’t know exactly how to do, trying new ways, reaching for innovation, and finding a calm center within yourself as you do it all.

Even when the process is radically imperfect, this willingness and open-hearted approach can bring you the greatest breakthroughs.

I’m wishing you a season ahead that’s full of creative genius and infinite possibilities!



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