7 Feng Shui Tips To Become A Success Magnet!

Sep 28, 2023 | Creativity

The Feng Shui tips I’m sharing today to help you become a success magnet can spark a profound paradigm shift in your life if you’re ready to emanate more confidence, live with greater fulfillment, and truly feel your life expand. 

First, let’s start with a note about success. I don’t care if your biggest goal is to be radiantly creative or to become the richest person in the world– if it’s your mission, your drive, and your calling, the achievement of those things is part of your success.  Notice I said “part” of your success.  I want to invite you to think bigger and broader about success overall. For example:  happiness and health are two very big commodities more vital than money, and it’s worth considering these as part of your overall ideal scene of success.  Family, love, adventure, learning, philanthropy– all these facets of life fill in a big picture of success.

Write out your ideal visions of success including every one of the dynamics and aspects of life that’s most important to you. This is really important, and the very first of our Feng Shui energy shifts.  Energy flows where your attention goes.

Now, let’s talk about becoming a success magnet.  What do I mean by this? This is my best way to describe the phenomenon I’ve seen hundreds of times when people shift into a new cycle of action:  things start falling into place with ideas, ideas are endless, solutions abound, ease replaces strife, doors swing open, and joy multiplies.

If you’re ready to tap into that success magnet energy, let’s look at the Feng Shui energetics that can plug you into that magic today!

Clear away the excess visual clutter. 

It’s incredibly frustrating to see a lot at once. Even if everything you see is relatively positive. Right now, my desk is that space of visual overwhelm. Nothing on it is clutter, per say, but not all of it needs to be in my peripheral vision as I create things. Today, it’s all getting pared down to the very minimum because it’s dragging on my bandwidth to communicate.

Where do you see too much at once? This can be a call to action to restyle and rethink what’s out on view on your shelves, your coffee table, nightstands, desks, and tables.

Pour love into all the life-force in your home.

The people in your home are part of the life force of your space. How much they feel at home, comfortable, nourished and inspired is vital. Your pets are major life force energy.  How cozy, safe, cared-for, and inspired they feel is vital.  Your plants are life force as well. Are they watered, trimmed, misted, and well-fed? You are also pure life force energy. Your self-care, balance, and flow will permeate eery inch of your environment.

How can you shower all of this brilliant life force with more love?

I know that’s a big question that only you can answer, and the answers will reveal new ways to generate peace, joy, and wellbeing around you.

Allow things at home to be easier to maintain.

If you’re struggling to do all your chores, can you get help, even twice a month, with deliveries of groceries or supplies. A delivery of dog food every month is so much simpler than the hour it takes get ready to go get it, go get it and wait on line, and then bring it home.  If you’re not incredibly busy, you can easily do it yourself, but if it’s a chore stacked atop a busy life, you can make it so much easier for yourself.

Buying in bulk can be another way to make things easier– stocking up on things you’re constantly replenishing at home.

Scheduling maintenance– your lawn, roof gutters, pool, etc.– is another way to make life so much easier, so you aren’t scrambling last-minute, think ing about what needs to be maintained once it’s gone far too long.

Even something as basic as meal prep once a week can make your home flow so much more efficiently.

Create new focus by putting new habits front and center.

If you want to create a new habit, see it in front of you.  Put your gym bag at the door before you go to bed at night and lay out your workout gear so you’re ready to go without a second thought. Put the books you’re reading on the coffee table. Get a basket for the vitamins you’re taking so you can keep them all in one place and see them to be sure to take them.

If you can see it you’ll be instantly reminded to do it.

Refresh the vibes every day.

Every single day can be a fresh start. Open windows. Do some energy clearing by lighting candles or spraying aromatherapy around your house. Hold your tea of coffee in your hands and set an intention that it’s going to be an amazing day.

This is all wildly powerful and enriching.

Deep clean as a meditation.

While it’s helpful to get help cleaning, if you can do some of your own deep house cleaning, I highly recommend it as a form of game changing and rewarding meditation. Deep clean even one small space in your home during the week, when you’re inspired, until your whole home is super-sparkling clean. Make the polishing, scrubbing, vacuuming, and washing into a meditative practice. Release tension and wash away old patterns. As you renew your home, you renew your own clear, sparkling mind and energy field!

It’s time to leap into a whole new pattern of motion and alchemy to become a success magnet and bring your brilliance to life!

On that note, I’m off to deep clean my walkway and fill my home with flowers.

Cheers to your flourishing, prospering, joyful, abundant, thriving life!



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