Create More Joy With Feng Shui!

Oct 20, 2023 | Creativity

create more joy with feng shui

Dive into a world of creative magic as we explore the art of infusing your life with unique Feng Shui to create more joy in today’s episode of The School of Intention Podcast.

Joy is one of the highest frequencies of energy, surpassing even love on the scale of human emotion created by David Hawkins and published in his groundbreaking book, “Power Versus Force.”

Your environment holds the key to unlocking more joy in your life.

Today, you’ll discover simple, yet transformative, Feng Shui ways to enhance your living space.

Start with the power of house cleaning as a form of personal transformation. Embrace the magic of rainbows. Explore the Danish art of happiness, “Hygge,” and infuse your surroundings with coziness.  Unleash your creativity with a dedicated space for crafting, art, or music. It’s the small, comforting touches that elevate your daily experience.

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