You Were Born To Be Creative!

Oct 25, 2023 | Creativity

You were born to be creative

Today’s episode of The School of Intention podcast explores the idea that everyone is inherently creative and how unlocking your creativity can positively impact every aspect of your life.

–Creativity is not limited to traditional arts. It’s present in everyday activities such as making decisions, cooking dinner, and writing emails.

–Creative awakening is a return to our natural, creative state.

–Creativity is universal: anyone, regardless of their profession, can harness their creativity for success.

–Creativity can easily decline over time: I share a study about how creativity often declines as people grow older due to societal influences.

To awakening your creativity, pursue what excites you without self-judgment or the need for perfection.This is one of the core principles of this whole Feng Shui practice, and it’s something that will absolutely change your life!

You were born to be creative and it’s time for the world to enjoy your biggest gifts!

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Here’s to magic ahead!



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