You Are Always Your Greatest Investment!

Oct 26, 2023 | Creativity

you are your greatest investment

Welcome to Episode Seven of The School of Intention podcast. In this episode, we delve into the concept that you are your greatest investment.

Investments as a concept lead to growth, expansion, and rewards, not just in terms of money but also in energy. Investing energy in yourself directly impacts all aspects of your life, including your relationships, wellness, and fulfillment. Investing in yourself leads to increased energy, focus, creativity, and joy.

There’s a difference between investing energy, which yields returns, and spending it, which often feels draining or unproductive.

Notice where you invest your energy and identify areas where you may be spending it on draining activities.

—Invest in self-care and pursuing personal passions.

—Invest in your Home. Making your home a more welcoming and organized space can yield more energy and positivity.

—Invest in creativity and enjoying creative pursuits, both for fun and personal growth.

—Invest time and energy in experiences that bring love and joy, ultimately enhancing your overall well-being.

Feeling great is a valuable product, and investing in yourself pays dividends!

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