Stop Settling For Energy You Do Not Want!

Oct 30, 2023 | Creativity

stop settling for energy you do not want

Welcome to the ninth episode of the School of Intention podcast. It’s time to stop settling for energy you do not want.

People often settle for unwanted energy patterns, such as stress, busy-ness, or boundary issues, as if it’s the norm.

Taking responsibility is essential, not to blame yourself, but to empower yourself to create change. Commit to not settling for undesirable energy and patterns.

  – Examine and improve supportive and unsupportive relationships.

  – Review and break habits that reinforce undesired patterns.

  – Consider changes in your career or living situation.

  – Declutter your physical spaces to clear old energy and create fresh, positive vibes.

  – Upgrade your pantry with items that support your well-being and energy.

You’ll transform your life and experience more joy, love, abundance, ease, and greatness.

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