Say Goodbye To Winter Blues!

Nov 6, 2023 | Sensory Goodness

say goodbye to winter blues

Welcome to Episode 14 of The School of Intention podcast, where we explore ways to say goodbye to the winter and fall blues that can affect us all. As the days grow shorter and the sun’s light wanes, our mood and motivation can take a hit. It’s time to turn that around!

Today you’ll learn more about light as a life-giving engine, fueling your days, brightening your mood, and even aiding in the synthesis of essential vitamins.

In this episode you’ll learn practical tips to counteract Seasonal Affective Disorder, including waking up early to bask in the morning light and the benefits of supplementing with vitamin D.

One of the standout solutions is the Verilux Happy Light, a specially designed light box that can infuse your day with the benefits of natural light. It’s linked HERE for you. 

Finally, I can’t emphasize the transformative power of decluttering enough for lightening your mood and creating space for positive energy to flow freely in your life, especially in your bedroom.

Here’s to endless joy all year long!

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And, you can get on the Wait List for the FREE Feng Shui Decluttering Challenge right HERE. It’s going to be life-changing!




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