Feng Shui To Take Bigger Creative Risks!

Nov 8, 2023 | Creativity

how to take bigger creative risks

Welcome to Episode 16 of The School of Intention podcast, where we explore the transformative power of taking creative risks. We’re entering the exhilarating world of creative exploration, where fear meets excitement, and life-changing moments are born.

In this episode, we’ll guide you on a journey to embrace the unknown, from auditioning for a play to unleashing your unique style or embarking on new adventures. Discover how these creative risks, whether big or small, can supercharge your life, igniting your energy and magnetism.

The fear of failure often holds us back, but we’ll show you why there’s no such thing as a wrong creative risk. Start with small steps, like trying unconventional outfits or unfamiliar foods, and watch as trust in your instincts grows daily.

Even when things don’t go as planned, these leaps can open doors to unexpected opportunities, just as one yoga class in New York changed my life forever.

Clearing away clutter, both physical and mental, is another key to unlocking your creative potential. When you declutter your space, you make room for breakthroughs and create a stronger foundation for your journey.

 Get ready for a wave of momentum, abundance, and epic creative risks.

Join us on this creative adventure, and as we head into a season of transformation with the Catalyst Camp Feng Shui Decluttering program, sign up for the free Feng Shui Decluttering Challenge. You can get on the Wait List for the FREE Feng Shui Decluttering Challenge right HERE. It’s going to be life-changing!

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