Atomic Habits Have Changed My Life!

Nov 16, 2023 | Prosperity

Atomic Habits Have Changed My Life

Discover the transformative power of James Clear’s concept of Atomic Habits in Episode 21 of The School of Intention podcast. Making small, consistent 1% improvements every day can lead to remarkable changes. Atomic Habits became my guiding rhythm for positive change.

I share the profound impact on emotional well-being, fitness, and overcoming life’s challenges by focusing on incremental progress.

You’ll learn practical applications of this principle, and uncover the secrets of maintaining long-term success by striving to be 1% better each day. In my unique Feng Shui clutter clearing method this principle is huge; you’ll see how it aligns with the principles of Atomic Habits.

Embrace the spirit of Atomic Habits and witness the incredible transformations awaiting you.

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You can listen to and follow The School of Intention Podcast–  HERE on Apple podcasts. And HERE on Spotify.




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