Declutter To Overcome Creative Blocks And Boredom!

Nov 27, 2023 | Creativity

overcome creative blocks and boredom

Overcome creative blocks and boredom by decluttering! In this series full of emotional clutter clearing videos, we are diving into clutter clearing projects that can help you feel so much better. (*the whole playlist is HERE for you if you want to dive in!)

You might declutter the things that you’ve settled for or the things that are making you feel stagnant. You might clear your creative spaces or create a whole new energy for yourself as you refresh your home.

In today’s video, I share big Feng Shui tips to overcome creative blocks and boredom in your life and use these emotions to make super-positive changes that help you make big breakthroughs.

P.S.: The Catalyst Camp Life De-Clutter is coming soon!

It starts with a FREE Feng Shui Decluttering Class to revolutionize your clutter clearing with lots of Feng Shui magic!

You can sign up HERE to get started!

Clearing clutter- even the overwhelmingly tough stuff- can – and will-  be super-fun!!!


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