Make A Life-Changing List To Manifest Much More!

Dec 1, 2023 | Creativity

make a life-changing list

Welcome to Episode 28 of the School of Intention Podcast: Make a Life-Changing List. Lists are powerful tools to turn your ideas into tangible actions. In this episode, we delve into the magic of wish lists, a concept often associated with childhood but equally transformative for adults.

–Learn the art of decluttering distractions by focusing on your aspirations.

–Discover the unexpected manifestation of these desires, even without actively revisiting the list.

–You can take it up a notch by curating a secret Pinterest board with images of your wishes, amplifying the manifestation process.

This game-changing list isn’t about immediate action; it’s about claiming your desires and allowing life’s energies to guide you. Dream big, wish big, and join us in manifesting a future filled with your heart’s desires.

Here’s to a life-changing journey ahead!

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