Declutter Low Self Worth Items From Your Life!

Dec 5, 2023 | Prosperity

declutter low self worth items

Welcome to Episode 29 of The School Intention Podcast, where we explore the transformative journey of decluttering low self-worth items from your life.

By parting ways with these shabby or low-vibe items, you elevate your self-esteem and signal to the universe that you deserve better. Low self-worth items, such as stained sofas or cluttered corners, act as constant reminders that you’re settling for less. Affirmations play a powerful role in shaping our reality, and the presence of these items becomes a negative affirmation that you are unworthy.

Everything within your home forms part of your energetic field, impacting your well-being. As you decide to free yourself from these burdens, you’ll experience a tangible shift in energy. This seemingly small act of decluttering symbolizes a significant step towards self-improvement. While immediate replacement of these things may not be possible at the moment, upgrading or updating existing items demonstrates your commitment to a better future!

It’s time to shine!

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