Let Go Of Resistance And Manifest More!

Dec 26, 2023 | Creativity

Let Go Of Resistance And Manifest More
Welcome to Episode 41 of The School of Intention Podcast, where we explore letting go of resistance and manifesting more in our lives.

Resistance, that feeling of life pushing back at you, can create invisible barriers, limiting progress and causing frustration. Understanding its origins, whether from past trauma or lack of knowledge, is crucial. This episode delves into breaking free from resistance.

Firstly, stop forcing things; find enjoyable, less forced ways to achieve your goals.

Secondly, prioritize relaxation to recharge fully, unlocking your creative potential.

Thirdly, listen to the resistance; it might be guiding you towards learning, patience, or a necessary change in direction.

Finally, the key to dismantling resistance is clearing clutter. Whether physical or mental, decluttering frees you from limitations, allowing abundance to flow into your life.

The Catalyst Camp, a deep decluttering and Feng Shui immersion, is OPEN and you can join us HERE!

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