Let Go Of Learned Limitations!

Dec 27, 2023 | Creativity

Let Go Of Learned Limitations

Welcome to Episode 42 of The School of Intention Podcast! In this episode, we delve into the fascinating topic of letting go of learned limitations.

We’re born with boundless creativity and possibilities, but over time, societal influences and personal experiences instill limitations on what we believe we can achieve.

Discover how learned limitations impact our lives through a captivating study involving goldfish and a partition in a tank. Just as these fish learned to avoid an obstacle, we often internalize beliefs about what we can’t do, hindering our potential.

The first step in overcoming these limitations is recognizing and acknowledging them. Be honest about what you believe is not possible for you, and make a list of these self-imposed restrictions. But fear not, as the podcast explores the power of adopting a growth mindset, chipping away at limitations daily, and decluttering your beliefs to expand the realm of possibilities.

The Catalyst Camp, a deep decluttering and Feng Shui immersion, is OPEN and you can join us HERE.

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