2024 Numerology: The 8 Universal Year!

Dec 31, 2023 | Prosperity

2024 numerology universal year 8

Today, my sister Nicole Claudat — a brilliant Energy Healer and Numerologist– is sharing her yearly overview of 2024 Numerology. It’s a mighty and energizing year ahead, full of expansion and grace. You can reach out to Nicole HERE for Numerology readings, Personal and Home Energy Clearings, and powerful Energy Balancing Sessions. 

“In 2024 we are collectively stepping into the 8 Universal Year.

In numerology, the Universal Year number relates to the energy that will be enveloping and influencing everyone, worldwide.  You can think of this as a general theme of the year, and working within its influence, syncing with its energy can be a powerful way to move forward in 2024.  You can calculate the Universal Year number by simply adding all the single digits in the number 2024. (2+0+2+4 = 8)

We are moving out of the 7 Universal Year, which brought the energy of deep introspection, healing, growth, and the cultivation of wisdom … both personally and intellectually.  The 7 Universal Year usually calls for a lot of self-reliance and places us in situations that shake our notion of what we feel is true about ourselves, others, and the world around us.  It often unveils hidden aspects of the way we perceive and think, and as such, makes salient the ways in which we are holding ourselves back.  The underlying purpose of a 7 Universal Year is to not only release what’s not serving you but to solidify an unshakeable knowing of who you are, and what you desire so that you can move through life more courageous, resilient, wise, and sovereign.

Now can be an ideal time to reflect on this past year, and take note of all the insights you’ve gained and ways you’ve grown and triumphed!

What was the most important lesson you learned over the past year?

What gave you the most energy? 

What challenges did you overcome? What did you learn about yourself during this year? For the sake of learning (which 2023 was all about) is there anything you could’ve done differently?

In what ways have you grown since last year?

What are you looking forward to creating and manifesting in the year ahead? 

The 8 Universal Year energy is a time of success, abundance, infinite opportunities, and manifestation.

You may already be feeling the energy of the 8 Universal Year, sensing your focus drift from a tendency to go inward, to a desire to create and actualize what you want in a powerful way.  You may be moving from a place of thinking, questioning, and mulling things over, to wanting to take action and bring your ideas to life.  It’s a time to bring all that inner work you’ve done in the past, and all of your knowledge into the material plane.  It’s a time to build, create and take risks.

In numerology, many people associate the number 8 with money and materialistic values, and while this may be true, there’s definitely more to it.  The number 8 is the archetype of the master of manifestation.   It brings the immaterial, unseen energy into the material plane.  The Law of Attraction, the Law of Cause and Effect, and Karmic Return, are all amplified in an 8 Universal Year. Your intentional thoughts, ideas, visions will more readily materialize into opportunities to construct and create what you desire.  Simply being mindful of your thoughts and actions can reap many rewards in the year ahead.

Here are some ways you can harness the prosperous energy of the 8 Universal Year.

2024 numerology universal year 8

Get Clear on What You Want and Go For It.

What would you like to accomplish this year?  What steps do you need to take to get you there?

Planning can be a tremendous help when working towards a goal.  When you take the time to really think things through, and get ideas out of your mind and onto paper, it makes it much easier to take action and stay out of the realm of your mind, where doubt and overwhelm can creep in.

When planning,  you can write down your overall goal, and brainstorm all the things that need to get done that will get you to your desired result.  The initial steps may be doing research, making phone calls, reading books, looking things up online, and/or gaining greater knowledge of some particular thing.

Break it all down into smaller target goals.

You can then create a monthly plan.

What needs to get done each month in order to reach this goal?  What do you need to do each week, to reach your monthly goal, in order to attain your overall goal?

Consistency in your efforts is really important, so breaking a goal down into smaller target goals can help you steadily make your way to the finish line.

2024 universal year 8

Shore Up Your Core Energy.

Core energy is your strength, determination, and will to power through anything placed in your path. You already have so much power and fortitude stored inside you, and it can be helpful to remind yourself of this, from time to time.

If you’d like to reignite this sense of power, try listing out all of your big achievements.  What odds were against you?  Did you have any setbacks that you overcame?   How did it all feel?

For a more consistent practice, every night before going to sleep take note of your accomplishments of the day.  Recount your day, and list out (on paper or in your mind) all the things you did during the day that you are proud of – big and small.  These can be personal accomplishments, that aren’t necessarily monumental, but steps in the right direction towards things you are working towards.

Acknowledging your wins of the day not only increases your self-worth and self-esteem, it also encourages you to work towards bigger goals.  Also, as you do this consistently, you will find yourself unconsciously doing more great things during your days.

2024 numerology

Stay In Balance, Flow, and Receptivity.

This is a year to take advantage of opportunities, flow with the rhythm of life, and allow yourself to receive everything that the Universe has in store for you.  In an 8 Universal Year, being able to move forward with assuredness and calm is super key.

How can you flow more with life?

Trust yourself deeply and know that you can handle any obstacle that comes your way.

Can you recall a time in your life where you were challenged in a major way and not only moved through it but gained a life-changing lesson from it?

When you believe in your ability to handle life’s challenges, you are less in your mind, thinking and anticipating a future that hasn’t happened yet, and are present, willing, and less fearful to go after what you desire.  Stress and worry constrict your energy, while being curious and excited allows for more receptivity.

Staying in balance and open to all life’s bounty is easier when there are less distractions and energy drains in your life.  Do you notice a time of day when your energy and inspiration starts to drop?  Is it after conversations with certain people, talking about topics that evoke fear and feelings of futility or scrolling through social media?  Can you think of ways to minimize these things that deplete your energy?  For example, if scrolling through social media is your energy zapper, you can try only going on these platforms for only a small amount of time each day.

Taking long walks in nature, yin yoga and meditation are also some great ways to elicit more flowing calm and balance in your life.

2024 numerology

Light Up Your Energy.

The Universal Law of Attraction is always at play, but this particular year, you can think of this energy as being turned up a few notches.  To make the most of this swell of energy you can do the following exercise to keep your energy feeling tip-top and bright.

Fill Your Energy System with Gold Light (Visualization)

Take some deep, conscious breaths and bring your body into a greater state of relaxation.  In your mind’s eye, visualize a beam of golden light, this beautiful, bright energy from above, making its way down into the crown of your head, and filling every cell in your body from your head down to the tips of your toes.  If you have the time, you can do this visualization slowly, watching the gold light making its way through each and every part of your body and seeing all the cells in your body begin to move faster as the golden light reaches them. Before you end this exercise, see your entire body lighting up like a giant star, emanating this glowing, high-frequency light!

I am wishing you a year filled with joy, love, and prosperity!





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