It’s Time To Go The Extra Mile!

Jan 2, 2024 | Prosperity

go the extra mile

Welcome to Episode 45 of the School Intention Podcast – “Go the Extra Mile.”  It’s a major theme of 2024!

Discover how embracing the concept of going the extra mile can profoundly transform your life and energize everything around you.

In 2024, it’s not about burning out or working longer hours; it’s about channeling your energy, focus, and intention. Learn how incremental improvements, adopting the spirit of innovation, and going the extra mile contribute to significant success.

Explore the specifics of going the extra mile in 2024: Identify areas for improvement,  focus on them, and commit to pushing yourself beyond limits. It’s not just about adding more skill or physical energy; this excellence is about infusing intention and being present in the moment.

Uncover the key to success: attention to details. Whether editing a manuscript or learning new skills, details matter. Become the CEO of your life, radiate excellence, and embrace the magic in the details.

Supercharge your journey by starting with decluttering. Clear physical and mental space for increased focus and energy without burnout. 

The Catalyst Camp, a deep decluttering and Feng Shui immersion, is OPEN and you can join us HERE.

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