7 Ways I’ve Been Adding Multi-Sensory Wellness To My Life!

Jan 9, 2024 | The Beautiful

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While I’ve been immersed in a long stretch of deep revitalization (and really, if I’m being clear with myself, it’s a reinvention) I’ve been doing a lot to add muti-sensory wellness practices to my whole life. If you’ve been feeling the pull to revitalize and reinvent yourself and the flow of energy in your life, some of these simple ideas may also help you to feel an energetic level-up. While I’ve been meaning to post this for quite some time as I’ve been seven months into this revitalization and reinvention, but I received a gift package of delightful and totally natural products from Utama Spice in Bali last month that boosted my routine so much that I was both reminded and prompted to share it now!

First, I should say that the internal and energetic aspects of a deep revitalization are the real glow up. My list of practices is a mile long, and every one of them, many ongoing, have been like peeling an onion and shedding decades of trauma, neglect, old belief systems, and pent up emotions that were dying to be released.

Now, let’s got into a few of the home and life practices that have been helping me get extra-centered.

Natural Incense. I open a window, light my incense close to the window, and set an intention to clear away lingering stress and confusion. There are some truly natural incense brands and many that I love. Years ago I was gifted Super Dupa incense from a friend in Bali and fell in love with its deeply spicy aromatics. Occasionally, when I need a deeper level of calm, I burn bay leaves.

Essential oil nebulizer. Diffusing essential oils of frankincense, lavender, rose, and jasmine. I absolutely love my essential oil nebulizer. Essential oil diffusers are wonderful, but nebulizers are wild because you add pure essential oils. I have mine full of frankincense oil which is quite expensive in many cases, though Gurunanda has wonderful frankincense that’s deeply affordable. I’m hot on frankincense oil because I’m very invested in all the calm, immunity boosting, and and mood boosting benefits. It’s also amazing to clear the energy in your home.

Body oils and butters. I’ve been using pure jojoba oil straight out of the shower, and it’s something I’m keen to continue because it’s wonderfully effective, especially when you douse yourself in it while you’re still wet. That said, I’ve never found anything that smells and feels better on my skin than Cocoa Love Body Butter. It’s intoxicating, the scent is so delicious, and the ingredients are pure enough to eat though I’m not recommending that you eat it! It’s more of a solid oil that I need to dig out of the tin in the cold winter morning, but it’s well worth it. I recommend getting homemade, food grade body oils, lotions, and butters, or whip up your own from DIY recipes,

I apply them twice a day and make it a fully connected ritual. I take extra time to massage them into my skin, and I add in neurolymphatic massage from Energy Master Donna Eden.  

Scalp massage with batana oil. I am using so much Batana Oil that I’m going to need to buy gallons at a time. This rich oil from Honduras (which is more like a solid oil in the winter that melts in your hands) smells like burned coffee and feels featherweight. It’s been anecdotally said to re-grow hair that’s fallen out, as well as accelerating hair growth overall. It’s also the most incredible pre-shampoo oil I’ve ever found. I’ve tried other oils on my scalp and hair that were a greasy, messy, clumpy disaster. Not this one!

I rub the soil oil in my hands until it becomes liquid and free of clumps, then use my fingers to massage the oil into my full scalp. It takes about five minutes and I use a fair amount of the oil, way more than one tablespoon. Anything leftover gets dragged through the length of my hair and onto the ends. I leave this on for at least an hour, sometimes overnight, then I shampoo and condition normally. Wow, wow, wow. I can’t wait to report my long term results.

Essential oil cleaning sprays. To be clear, I’m totally happy cleaning with a spray made with water and white vinegar. Most natural cleaning sprays I’ve purchased from a conventional store have fragrance added that’s not natural. I was delighted to use my new cleaning spray from Utama Spice with strong cleaning power and a big dose of grapefruit and bergamot essential oils. You can mix up a cleaning spray with castile soap and a strong dose of essential oils, like the recipe linked HERE. 

Rosemary water in my hair. Rosemary water is a staple in my house. I keep a 2 oz. spray bottle full of distilled water and about 20 drops of rosemary essential oil in my bathroom. At the end of my evening routine, I douse my whole scalp, section by section, with this rosemary water. My hair has been growing like crazy as a result of this rosemary spray, and I’m excited to see if the batana oil takes it to even greater lengths!

Beeswax Candles. These are my very special candles, a pure honey-scented energy boost for your home. When you burn beeswax candles, you fill the air with negative ions that bring lightness to your space. I stock up on these for the winter when I burn them to make my evenings feel sweeter.

While I know that was a whole lot of self-care rituals for one day, right now I find I can’t get enough self-care. It’s never too much! It’s my hope you feel inspired to design your own gorgeous routines that feel fantastic, or bring a refreshing new idea into your daily self-care rotation.

May your days be full of restorative wellness, radiance, and lots of power!



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